Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Where to start?

So... this is my first endeavor into any sort of journaling, blogging or anything else. But I figure I will give it a try.

So I am about 3 days into my first year of classes and I have some mixed feelings about all of this. I have wanted to be here since I was so young I could barely remember. However, this is NOT what I thought the beggining would be like at all. I was supposed to be calm, organized, -prepared, well rested. What a joke.

Here is a list (not at all in order of which shit hit the fan first):

1. I lost my apartment. I have to move a month into law school. The market in this area (DC metro) is totally screwed up. I can't find anything I can even sort of afford. Boyfriend is useless in this challenge.

2. I need to find a new job, old job does not want to change and cut down my hours. Its far away from school and home, and the boss is insane.

3. I have somehow let the papers in my life get ahead of me. There is forms EVERYWHERE. Literarly covering my desk, our dining room table, the couch. The cats have scattered some of them through the apartment. When I am not obessively writing in my daily planner and reading my endless pile of books I am fretting about the forms.

4. Money, of course, money. After paying tuition, buying books, paying for rent, and saving for the next deposit and overpriced rent payment I do not have the money for such "unessentials" as the ABA required health insurance or really anything else at all.

Thats the short list. There are off course other aggrivations, such as the bookstores sadistic ordering proccess, where they know 150 people need a book and insist on only purchasing 40 for the incoming class. No, I definetly do not need my Torts book. Yea theres reading assinged, but I would really rather have the book a week after classes started so that I can play the fun game of catch up over the weekend and read not only next weeks assignment and brief those cases, but also the ones from the week before.

OK, I am feeling a little releived from my drawn out vent. If there is actually anyone reading this, thanks for "listening".

:) First Year-


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