Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wireless Internet is NOT always a good thing!

So, we all love the internet right? I know I do. There is a reason why you should not have internet access during class time. Because it is hard to resist the evil distraction.

I have been good, I acquired a new computer before school and didn't install AIM or any of the other messengers on it. I left out party poker or any of the other common distractions. But honestly, it takes a great amount of will power to not aimlessly read the best of craigslist or some of my favorite blogs during the lulls that naturally occur during any contracts or torts class.

I know this is bad. Its a terrible habit. I think, I must be the only one doing this. The rest of the class is so enamoured with this discussion of molested children and whether or state farm should have to pay their parents for each time they were molested or just for the overall experience of it. I look to my left and right, down and around and almost everyone has a web brower open that they are switching back and forth too. So I think it would be fun to take note of what my classmates are doing instead of paying attention.

1. Ebay-- someone seems to be searching for computer software or something of the nature...yaaaawn!

2. AIM arguement with what must be her husband/significant other (whatever). She wants him/her to fix dinner, he doesn't want to. She pleads that she has been at work all day and at school all not, she is hungry and tired. He states that he doesnt feel like cooking, and oh yea the kids are hungry because he didnt give them anything either. The women in the next row shakes her head and rubs her temples like she feels the begginings of a migraine coming on and closes the window. I guess she will be cooking when she gets home at 8 something at night. What a nice man she has there.

3.! someone else soon to be or currently without a place to live. I am obsessive in searching the listings myself. Hoping against hope something new and affordable will be posted on craigs list anytime now, I just have to catch it.

I realize that I have an internet problem. Not only am I playing on the internet but I am also observing other people playing on it. I wonder if the people in the rows behind me are looking at my screen. Its pretty easy in this classroom. Its stadium style seating and out about 80 people there are only 5 or 6 without a computer in front of them.

The proffesor joked on the first day that he only knows his students from the nose up, the computer screen blocks the rest of the view.

I suppose I should go back to the reading that will never end.


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