Thursday, August 25, 2005

This will be the hardest experience of you life!

Why is it that everyone loved to psyche out law students? Every person that I have told I am attending law school for the first time comes back with a version of this witty response, "Oh... I heard first year is impossibly difficult, I hope you make it". 2nd and 3rd year students tell me how much torture the first year was and faculty and deans all try to scare the shit out of us poor first years. Why do this? I knew this was going to be hard? I mean I would think so! Theres a zillion laws and cases and so much crap lawyers have to learn. I knew I was going to have to learn it too. This isn't exactly news to me. I didn't expect to have some chip implanted into my brain that would fill me with this knoweledge.

There was one person whose advice I will take. She did not try to scare us unreasonable. She simple said, it will be hard but try to keep some balance. You are working, you are studying that leaves little to be enjoyed in life. Keep something in your life you enjoy so you don't go nuts. I have of course taken the advice but not followed it. I have kept little that I enjoy in life because I don't see how to fit it. I have this journal and I enjoy that, but as for activities, I suppose I will save it for weekend nights when I have already spent 9 hours studying during the day.

But please people when someone tells you they will be going to law school find something more constructed to say. Try any of the following:

" Good for you!"
" Congrads!"
"Good luck!"
"Thats a great career."

Try being positive, because most of us are already experiencing a feeling which is a cross between naseau, terror, and a tiny bit of excitment.

Thanks, thats my public service announcment.


Anonymous KJ said...

Good insight.

I found that certain people tried scaring me, and others had no clue what law school was about.

Oddly, in my first 4 weeks I have found the dire predictions of woring 18 hour days for months on end a little off base.

The real problem is that undergrad is so easy, and requires so little.

A little side note: I scare the people who are asking me what law school is like.

6:17 PM  

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