Wednesday, August 31, 2005

No longer cursing my decision to NOT go to Tulane!

Well this hurricane shit is pretty fucked up! I can't imagine how it must feel like for the people. I had a friend from undergraduate who went to Tulane (for a short time I considered the thought too, but decided not to for academic reasons), and she has had quite a few days.

They sent all their students either home with their parents (it was during undergrad orientation) or shipped them off to Jackson to stay at those dorms. They did a nice job of evacuating everyone, though contact with "Jen" was impossible to reach until this morning but I was happy to get a quick mass email from her. Thanks for that! :)

On another note, I am facingt sort of a blogging dilemna. I have something I really want to write about, but it was so crazy and so random and so utterly unique that if I put any details down here the crazy freak who involved me in her train wreck will definetly know that I am talking about her. On the other hand, no one reads this blog and if they do I have no evidence of it. Ah.... I guess I wont do it... I told boyfriend about it and thats good enough.


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