Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Its all gone to hell!

So.... I have been mostly on top of things, up until last night. Yesterday was super productive. I spend all morning studying and outlinineg, then I went to work and got a lot done there. I was feeling pretty on top of things. I even got to school about an hour early because traffic was light.

So.... I get to school and see my writing class partner, she looks like she is having a panic attack, and suddenly the day got worse. So, we go to the dining room and get our plates if crap and she explained to me what happened. Shit we missed a deadline and she sent in our rough draft (that we were going to refine last night) as the "final product" because something had to be done.

After that I just pushed my rice around the plate. This wasn't just a failure on the current assignment, it freaked us out about Torts. So we start going over the cases, and we are just a mess. I just gave up, ate my damn rice, smoked a cigerette and went to class. I hated yesterday (though it started out so well).


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