Friday, February 03, 2006

Anonymous Commentators

I read several other blogs and occasionally post comments. Whenever I do post something I use my own blogger name just as when I post something in an online/non-blogger format I use my own name.

I stand behind my comments and I'm not ashamed of what I have to say.

Recently I was reading and responded to a post (where a customer was incredible rude, etc) and responded to the blogger's question about who would act that way

Me: "Social rejects ask for tea (or anything else) like that.

I can't understand why people start off nasty with someone who is doing something for them (fetching them things, etc). Tables like this are the most demanding and least rewarding."

Anonymous retard #1: "Social rejects? You mean people who aren't wasting their parent's tuition money on alcohol and cocaine? Right."

- so aparently this person had so much free time on his hands and came to read my blog (and he must have read all the archives, about 50 posts or so) to find the 2 posts mentioning coke and the 1 or 2 (maybe 3 I dont really have the time to go back and fish for them now) mentioning alcohol. What I can't understand is how my parent's money got involved? They arennt paying for law school, my drinking or occasional cocaine use. Just wondering where the assumption came from, I would email him/her and ask, but of course they were hiding behind the internet. Maybe if this guy paid as much attenntion to the rest of my posts as to the few mentioniing alcohol and drugs he would have noticed I go to school part-time and have a J-O-B.

Anonymous retard #2: "What? That has to be one of the most bizarre sweeping generalizations I've ever seen.

What is "anything else like..." tea? You mean another hot beverage?

Coffee is "like" tea, so all coffee drinkers are social rejects, too?

I can only imagine that you must have meant something completely different from what you wrote."

- Could what I wrote be any more clear??? I didn't mean only people who are social rejects order tea and other hot beverages. I mean that only social rejects would order tea (or anyting else ie: food, extra condiments, whatever) lile that.. ie: in the manner that the women in the post ordered it. Am I missing something? Was my comment somehow unclear?

The reason I didn't respond to these people in the comment section of the other blog was because I didn't want to start a flame war on anyone else's site. Also these people aren't willing to link themselves to their statements in anyway. Anyone can say whatever they want if they aren't signing their name to it. Plus i know retard #1 will be coming back here and finding more fodder to insult me with in future interactions.

Gttt... :) Now.... to go make sure I dont allow anonymous comments on this site :)


Blogger Skwerly said...

Honestly, when I first read the comment sentence, it sounded to me like you were saying that people who order tea are social rejects.

Maybe it could've been phrased a little differently. I can see how it would've been misunderstood.

As for anonymous comments, I hate them. Trolls, I call 'em. They like getting nasty while remaining completely hidden. I never use this word, but here, it's applicable: Pussies! :D

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Fred the Squirrel said...

Hi there !

What you said was this: "Social rejects ask for tea (or anything else like that)."

Which, when read the way it is written, means that the parenthetical reference "(or anything else like that)" is referring to the tea.

Thus, "anything else like that" means "anything else like tea".

Now, in your post here, you say that you wrote, "Social rejects ask for tea (or anything else) like that."

Now, that is clear: Your parenthetical reference is referring to the manner in which it is ordered, rather than the item being ordered.

Sorry - I took the first comment at face value, reading it as it was written, and yes, you could be more clear.

I didn't mean to troll. That statement, "Social rejects ask for tea (or anything else like that)."
is sweepingly bizarre.

However, what you meant to say was perfectly reasonable.

Amazing what mis-placed punctuation can do to meaning.

11:47 AM  

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