Monday, January 09, 2006

Yup...definetly back

So its official! I am back in school, I tried to deny this fact but, sitting in my classroom now I really need to face reality. Though I have learned at least one thing from last semester, sit in the back row, that way no will see the messed up things that you are doing with your computer. :)

And now, to continue something I only did once before I will continue with some things that do not belong at law school/in class.

1. Fajitas- now these can be in the cafeteria, maybe you'll sit outside and eat them, but they are not good "class food". Good class food is something that you can eat quietly, in the small space each person is alloted, and without making a huge mess all over yourself or others (or computers).

Fajitas (which someone 2 rows down is eating) are a bad food for this environment. First, they do not fit into the space. The person in question has like 5 different containers in front of himself and a pile of tortillas. Second, it is messy. He's spilling rice and assorted fajita fillings on himself and the space around him. Good this his laptop is closed because he'd spill on that too. Thirdly it is not a quiet food and is pretty distracting to those around you. His fajitas are no longer sizzling, but they do smell strongly and the show he is putting on putting the thing together is more fun then waiting for the professor to grace us with her presence.

I recomonend this person try a sandwhich, a pasta dish, or anything else.

2. Mopeds. These look stupid. Don't park these in the spots reserved for cars in the garage. Though I hate to suggest that these god awful things are the same things are motorcycles, but they are closer to those than park it in that spot. We have a tiny garage, next time I might decide to take Boyfriend's giant SUV and drive over it.

3. People who have no intention to practice law/do not want to be involved in the law in any way and just went to law school to (a) gain experience (b) waste time before getting married/supporting yourself/ect (c) were curious about it.

Thats just dumb. I've wanted to be a lawyer since I was in elemtary school and I hate law school. Why anyone will ever do this to themselves and not even reap the "fruits" of the labor.

Well professor is talking, should go. Have fun all.


Blogger Beth said...

Who the hell is bringing fajitas to class?!?!? And the MRSers. I love them. I honestly wish my life goal was to find a rich husband. Screw microbiology!

9:18 PM  

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