Monday, December 12, 2005

Library Fun

The day before my last final it seems obvious to me that some of my classmates have retained even less of their sanity then me.

We all have a torts exam tommorrow. Personally, I am not so worried about the exam because torts is pretty cut and dry (if you do something/don't do something a normal person wouldn't/would do and you fuck someone (or their shit) up, you'll have to pay for that....etc)

Now....the professor has done us the great service of putting from bar exam multiple choice questions on reserve to serve as a study/diagnostic aid. Great...thanks torts professor. So, I finally get the crap out of reserves to photocopy for my own studying pleasure today and ran into one of my classmates while I was doing it:

Freaked out 1L: Hey....some of those review questions deal with product strict liability, we didn't do that in class, its not in our reading, or anywhere in our notes. I can't believe theres a question on it!!!! How am I going to learn about in a day???

Me: many review questions are about it?

FO 1L: like 3 or 4!!!!

Me: Out of the 200 or so he gave us?

FO1L: Yea....I can't believe this, and I thought I was really prepared!

Me: Oh well.... thats like 1% of the review questions...maybe its a mistake. Or maybe he thinks we can take some mental leaps of our own? I don't know. It seems that if you know all about strict liablity you'll be able to figure out product liablity too. I don't really care, remember this is curved!

FO 1L: (giving me a death stare) you're seriously not going to worry about it? We need to add it to our outlines....(and commences freaking out for 20 minutes)

Me: In the time we had this exchanged we could have looked this up on West Law. Calm down, you'll do fine. And if not, someone will do worse then you.

Then the other person scurried away to change her outline.

Now...these are my first sets of law exams, and I may be wrong but perhaps the day before the exam you should stop making your outline and start studying/reviewing it. Oh well... what do I know, I didn't even make an outline. I did purchase one and get one from an anal retentive classmate though.

Good luck everyone :)


Blogger dicta said...

if FO 1L is still working on her outline, she's screwed. the best thing to do is learn the basic concepts first, then work on memorizing all the little details. when exams are long fact patterns for which you write essays, that will prove much more valuable than knowing 3 or 4 points on product liability.

and on that note, it is fun to watch people freak out.

3:01 PM  

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