Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Things that dont belong at the law school, Part 1

OK, so I am new to law school.... only like 1.5 months or whatever in...but already I can see things that just plain do not belong in the building. I am planning on keeping a random list, in no particular order as I go along, because since people never cease to amaze me I am sure I will be confronted with blatant ingorance in the future.

1. Children- Cry all you want about children not being things, but I don't really care about being politically correct, nor am I a fan of the child obsessed society and zombie kid obsessed parents that raise these entitlement brats.

Now...repeat after me....my child is not the center of the universe.... the comfort of my child does not need to met no matter what the cost to the life of others.... other people are important too, my child is not the most important thing to anyone other then its family.

There you go... parent zombie rehab has started, now stop taking the fucked to McDs everyday so I dont have to pay for his diabetes meds in 10 years.

Ok, this is turning into an "I hate kids" rant, which was not the goal... I don't hate kids but I do hate some of their parents. I will write a post on that at a later time.

Onto the issue. So I came to school this afternoon and there was a women with a child in additions to the loads of shit law students cart around with them. This might have been OK. But they were not, the child was more then displeased to be at the law school. She was shreiking, throwing chicken nuggets, throwing her bags and hitting the people around her with her "purse". The mother of course stared straight ahead and did not pay a single bit of attention. The people glared at her and she shrugged. Hello...dumbshit.... your brat is either too young or too poorly parented to behave at the law school. Keep her the fuck at home, or stay at home, or do anything. I don;t care if you dont have childcare. You fucked, had the kid and now you have to deal with all the responsibilites and consequences that come with it. So, leave it at home. I can only image how that class went. I hope you got kicked out.

2) Obnoxious cell phone rings. I personally usually keep my phone on vibrate in an area where people might be annoyed by my phone going off (say a restuarant, theater, CLASS).It is embarassing for a phone to go off in class and I do feel bad for most of these people. But not for the dumb-asses with some sort of stupid phone ring produced only for teenagers. If you ring is "PICK UP THE PHONE DUMBASS" or a brittney spears song no one will take you seriously, so change it so a more adult annoying ring thats not a pop-song and does not contain curse words. A ring in class may be embarassing, a rapper screaming about fucking bitched and drinking 40s is more then that.

3) An alarm clock. At this point if the asshat who brought an alarm clock into class was reading this they would know it was about him, but I don't care...that person most likely does not understand how to use the internet to begin with. So... I am in Contracts yesterday and the guy sitting in the row in front of me and a few spaces down has an alarm clock and a computer plugged into the power outlets that should be used for his seat mate, who now has nowhere to plug in his labtop. So the guy with no power plug asks the guy to give him his god given plug and asshat refuses.

Normal Guy: Why do you need an alarm clock?
Asshat: Because, I hate wearing my watch during class and I like being able to quickly see the time.
NG: But theres a clock on your computer in the corner and also one on the wall right in the middle of the classroom.
AH: Yea... the clock on the comp is so small and the clock on the wall is over the proff's head, if I look there he might call on me and I dont usually do the reading before class.
NG: Oh, forget about it!

So... dont do this people. Everyone in the general area saw and laughed. Tonight everyone was looking for Mr. Alarm Clock to see if he would repeat the experience. (he did not)

So there are 3...this is way longer then I wanted it to be, damnit


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