Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Damn You Parking Garage Attendant

Now.... I know this job isn't the best in the world... you guard the underground law school parking garage to make sure no one who isn't supposed to gets in. And thats the thing... the parking garage is reeeallly small. First year students cant even park there, unless they are part time (thank you for taking mercy on us part-timers who dont have time to wait for the shuttle bus that comes from the metro or from the main campus).

Here is my problem... I really think that after a month the guy (who is there every single time I enter this garage) should start to recognize the cars that come in. It seems he knows other cars, they do not even stop before him. No... not me. The one time I tried to do the slow drive through he ran up to my car and demanded to see my permit (which is bright orange and was hanging from my rearview mirror just like it was supposed to be). He looked it over for a minute before gruffly announcing that I could go. This was 2 weeks ago and every day (4 times a week at the same exact time) I come through and stop for him, he walks to the front of my car and views my permit.

Asshole.... I had a permit yesterday, I had a permit the day before, and I have a fucking permit today. You fucking suck at your job! As a waitress I waited on hundreds of people and I could remember many of their favorite drinks, extra side items and other preferences without them telling me again. I have quite a distinctive car... there is not another one like it in the parking lot. I come in everyday at the same time. Stop leering at me, stop treating me like I am trying to pull something over on you. Let me drive through like everyone else. asshat!

Thanks :)


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