Friday, September 30, 2005

I am a waste of time

Theres all sorts of things for me to do today. I have a shit load of reading to do, I have somewhere to be at 1pm, I have some major cleaning to get done, some groceries to buy, and the dmv and city treasurer's office to go to....but you want to know what I am doing? Sitting on the couch watching TV after sleeping until 11:30.

This is awful for my day but feel great so I am a happy person. I haven't felt this well rested since I started school. So I am sorry car it doesn't look like you will be getting new decals today. will stay ditry another day. Instead of getting groceries I am going to Wendy's.

Eh, what are you going to do? Somedays have to be like today...slow and lazy and relaxin. Life sucks when you are constantly running around trying to catch up with the 15 minutes late you've been all day.

So... I will still pick my friend up, I will still do some cleaning, and I may crack open a book. But thats about it.

On an unrelated note....did you know that one of my favorite stress releivers is listening to angry rap in my car?



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