Friday, October 07, 2005

I am that person!

Just an interesting tidbit from class last night. To set this up, we were all in Torts, about 7:00pm with a fairly uptight no fun professor. We were discussing a case where a minor car accident had pushed an individual over the edge from sane to batshit crazy. Prof. Torts wanted to know what we thought of the rule that told us that a defendant who was negligent and would be liable for some damages be made liable for all damages. This was called the Eggshell head (or something) doctrine.

So, people speak their minds until one women has this exchange:

"In someways this is unfair, how is the defendnant to know which person is about to have a mental breakdown or has a preexsisting condition and was about to snap"

"I am mean I AM that person who is about to snap! And how would any of you know that I am one step away from a meltdown"

Professor finally found something funny and declare, "No one committ a tort against xxxx its going to cost you more then it normally would!

Thanks professor, that was invaluable. :)


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