Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I haven't written in a little while because theres really nothing in my life to inspire me to write anything. This weekend was spent running errands, studying, and basically watching my friends get drunk and do stupid and obnoxious things to one another. So below, I have enclosed my personal list of top 10 things not to do in a bar unless you are a retarded frat boy or something.

10. If the bartender has an odd physical charectoristics (ie: is too short, has pimples, is missing a finger, etc) do not ask him/her why it is that they are that way. Thats insulting, the bartender is actually another person trying to do a job!

9. Generally if you need or want to see something that is all the way across the room the way to see it would be to walk your ass over to the other end of the room. The wrong method includes standing on a table or chair to seem, get off of the funiture!

8. Don't wait until everyone is half drunk and having a good time before laying some sort of dramatic bad news that you've been hiding out. Thats really annoying, not because I don't want to hear whats going on with you but because you pick such an inappropriate time to do it. If your hear and soul are crushed when we're all 6 beers in wasn't it also the same way before we started drinking and were actually capable of showing you enough attention? But no, you prefer to mix your hurt with anger, when we do not have the reason that you were hoping for.

7. Adult relationship partners (whether married or not) are in fact not a single unit, but 2 people in a relationship. If you are older then say 13 you must be able to leave each others' side once in awhile. I don't care if you are super close, thats nice. But if he is waiting for you outside of the bathroom and brings you football and beer nights with the guys you too could really use at least a few minutes apart, that must be sufficating!

6. Commericials for DUIs are everywhere, you can't listen to the radio or TV for more then half an hour without hearing, "if you drink and drive you will lose". Well damnit, I don't want to loose. If I or any other person politetly declines your offer of a beer or a shot do not ridicule them. If someone is drinking soda all night because they are the designated driver, don't make fun of them. I like drinking alcohol, just like you but I sometimes also do not want to drink, or I have to drive, or I have something to do in the morning, or I just need a break so I don't end up sick or too drunk. So, relax and drink all you want but keep your nose out of others decisions.

5. No matter how much your friends like you eventually they are going to be fed up with the fact that you stay with a guy who treats you like trash. You always bring him out and he belittles you, is rude to everyone who somes near him, and usually makes you cry a few times. Initially we did feel very sorry for you, but seriously, dump him or learn to enjoy his sick mind games. You know that you should leave him, but say you might not find someone better. What the fuck, seriously my cat (who occasionally enjoys a scratch or missplaced pee) treats me better then your jerk. Stop bringing him, he ruins our night because he is anti-fun and since the only time we see him is when you are with us, we are getting sick of you too (even though we feel bad for you!)

4. Don't touch other people's boyfriends, girlfriends, wife, husband, or whatever. If a guy is standing with him arm around a girl, chances are they are together. So.... the wrong move would be to walk over to them and flirting and touching the girl with the guy still next to her with his arm around her waist. You are retarded, stop, get a clue, and go hit on someone without a man wrapped around her.

3. If you said something rude to a friend while you were drinking, say sorry, explain your alcohol problem and then drop it. Do not repeat the rude thing and laugh hysterically without actually apoligizing. This will not be seen as apoligetic by the hurt party!

2. Now this is a personal one.... if you see me out at a usual hangout on a Saturday night do not ask me "Why aren't you studying right now?" What the fuck? You want me to be home at 11:30pm on a Saturday night studying? You are the person that disapproves if I am ever out doing anything at all. Can I just say to you : "Shouldn't you be working on that 4 year home renovation you just embarked on?" Asshat!

1. There are a lot of places that are now non-smoking. There are a few places (like the good old VA) where smoking in bars is still OK. So, if you are a non-smoker and decide to sit right next to me (or anyone else) when you can see that I am currently smoking, you do not have the right to ask me to put it out or move. a) I was sitting here and smoking when you decided to sit down. b) smoking is allowed in this bar, I am allowed to be doing it. c) This is my regular bar, and I am not letting you take it over. Almost equally as annoying is when people bring small infants and children into a bar and then starts yelling for everyone to put their smokes out and watch their mouths because of the kids. Hey fuck you entitlement parent....this is a BAR for people 21 plus or those with good IDs. You 6 and 2 year olds cant be here.

Ahh.... well that feels better. On a person front: I am a little bored at home. I think I miss the excitement of having a crush on someone where there was a possibility. Now that I have totally cut myself off from that I am getting bored :(

First Year-


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