Friday, December 09, 2005

Studying....or Not

Well, after my take home final yesterday I got no work done. Instead I went out and drank, a whole lot. This was nice for 2 reasons: First, I got to drink a lot and forgot all about the subject material I had just finished studying. Second, I got to leave the house and socialize with people! It seems that sinces finals are in full swing I spend entire days in the house, never leaving and not seeing anyone other then Boyfriend. So yesterday, I saw several other people, it was really pretty exciting!

Now, its back to work. Except my concentration is gone, there is nothing left for Torts :( Which is really too bad because its an in-class closed book exam and my outline is not in existence yet. So....if I have so much work to do why am I posting in my blog? Good question, and fuck you for thinking of it.

I will go slink off and study then. I will surely post later on as I grow crazier and crazier.



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