Monday, October 17, 2005

Much Better :)

Ahhh. I feel so nice and calm today. I can't believe its already 4pm and I haven't been (a) late anywhere. (b) majorly pissed of by anything or anyone (c) pissed off by my own self or (d) being in a bad mood. Things are going well so far, and even the fact that I have some inane class of rubbish tonight after my actual class does not phaze me one little bit. I even enjoyed being at my job today.

My weekend was fairly uneventful. The only drama I encountered was not even my own (in my opinion this is the best type of drama, because it does not personally affect you. Its something to giggle about rather then be aggravated by). Me and Boyfriend (and several friends) were out and about at a bar and witnessed the stupidest fight on the face of the planet.

Giant Gym Guy: Standing there holding a Corona taking up most of the aisle with his bulk.
Random Smallish Friendly Guy: Trying to walk through the aisle and around the Gym Guy

I know that you can all see where this is going :)

Random Guy: Walks into GGG and accidently makes him drop and spill a significant portion of his beer.

RG: Oh my god I am so sorry! I will be right back to a new one and some napkins to get the mess I made on the floor. I am really sorry, thank goodness it didn't get on you!
GGG: what the fuck is the matter with you???? Didnt you see me there??? You made me spill my full beer, you fucking faggot!!!!!

RG: I am very sorry, I will be right back with a new beer. I did not mean to bump you, I was only trying to get by. I will have to be much more careful in the future.
GGG: I am going to kick your ass.

RG: Goes to bar, gets new Corona and napkins. Hands GGG new beer and begins to mop up the mess.
GGG: Takes new Corona and dumps it out unto RG's head as he is bent down cleaning mess. When RG gets up and looks confused he punches him.

RG: Oh my god... I said I was sorry, what are you doing????
GGG: No one fucks with me!!!!

The fight was broken up pretty fast, but poor regular guy got soaked, got a black eye and messed up jaw, and got thrown out of the bar along with the steriod freak.

This was so comical when it happened because the poor guy was so genuinely sorry about things, it was an honest mistake and he immedietly went got the guy another beer.

Some people are freaks...(me) and some people are freaks on steriods with anger problems (Gym Guy).

I hope you all learn a lesson from this... behave like a human in public, calm the hell down, and don't dump beer on someone's head.


Blogger Big John said...

As a lawyer to be, did you suggest to RG that he was assaulted, which is a crime in most jurisdictions?

Pricks like GGG are giant bullies, and get away with shit like that far too often.

9:39 PM  

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