Wednesday, October 26, 2005


So... I haven't written here for awhile. Every time I sit down to write I just want to get all of the annoyances and complaints and the such out of my head. But I dont want to go back and read this and only remember the bad points of law school. So I have been straining to think of something pleasant to say. You know, how glad I am to be here in law school school and how happy and wonderful it has made everything.

But the truth is going to law school seems to have derailed my life entirely. Well it wasn't just that, I also moved not so long ago, and maybe that has something to do with it. But it seems I am always exhausted, never caught up, always in a rush off to everywhere and not really smiling so much.

I have really been taking the time to think of some things that are still OK in my life to be happy about... so here goes:

1. I have a car that runs well and takes me back and forth (and its paid off entirely!). I hate public transportation (which would be super annoying from where I live) so this is a huge bonus.

2. My new apartment is nice and I have my own work space so I can study in peace. Originally I hated the place (well I still hate it) but I have close to convinced myself its nice and quiet and the such.

3. I am not the dumbest person at school. Once a class someone will make an idiotic comment that makes me smile because I feel as if I am not the most ill-prepared person and that my reading comprehension and analysis skills are definetly not the worse.

4. I am healthy. One of my classmates has some major health problems. She has to miss a lot of class and definetly has things waaaay worse then me. I skip class sometimes, but only because I am a lazy ass, not because I have a debilitating condition.

5. I am child-free. Doing law school at night and working during the day would be a waaaay bigger hurdle if I also had children to take care of. Heck some days I can barely feed and dress myself.

So, thats it for now. And what they say is true. If you sit down and force yourself to write out 5 things that you like about your life it will make things better.

So with that, I am off. There are facts statements to write, contracts to read, and the internet to surf.



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