Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Been MIA for awhile

Well.... I haven't posted in like 1.5 weeks, I didn't think that much time had flown by, but apparently it has. Some things have come up to keep me about from blogging such as:

My "incident". So the weekend before this one I was trying to put together some IKEA furniture. In putting together one piece of furniture (its name was Galant, if you know the one... I won my battle with Brattby and Docent earlier in the day) I was balancing a piece of the stupid thing on my back and trying to screw 3 pieces of it together. Suddenly I am hit in the head and in a flash everything is black. Yup...you guessed it, I knocked myself unconscious putting together a piece of cheap ass furniture.

So I was feeling down most of the weekend, I dont have health insurance because its waaay to expensive, so you can imagine how much the trip to the emergency room cost me (I had a concussion). So...come Tuesday I am feeling really down and out, so I head to the law library thinking I am going to get tons done. Wrong. I bump into some friends, we eat lunch and chat. They decide to go off and snort some coke. I've never done that and was really shocked that my fellow law students were doing this. Well... long story short. I was in a shitty mood, they said "hey this will help your mood tons, you should try some". Why not? I mean whats the worse that could happen?

I will tell you the worse that can happen. I turned into a useless mess of energy who could not sit still long enough to concentrate on research or anything else. I met with my class partner, who immediately saw that I was having a major issue (interrupting myself, pacing around, and going generally nuts). She convinced me to go home for the rest of the day and try to calm myself down. She was right. Given the socratic method situation at school I just know that would be the day that I got called on randomly and spewed a mouth full of non-sense at the class. As the people who write www.barelylegalblog.blogspot.com would say.... I would become the "canary"

So...after the head injury and the hard drug use I guess I just didn't want to fess up to this blog about what I have been up to. But now I have. So there.

Now that its been a week since the incidents I am feeling a lot better. So, I am back :)

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