Thursday, December 01, 2005

Finals Review Class

So.... I am sitting here in a 4 hour review class for Torts. I have tuned out about an hour ago and just cannot seem to focus on it. I am having an "intense" AIM conversation with the Boyfriend, but its just annoying me.

Some fucked up stuff happened between the two of us a year ago and basically nothing was done about it, he never made up for anything, never really gave me the heart felt apology that I really need.

I know, I should let it go, but his extreme laziness is the bane of my exsistence. Basically everytime I think about the past I get bitter and start to take it out on him, which of course makes him miserable. But I am bitter damnit. I don't know if couple's therapy will help us, maybe we need another person just to referee our disagreements. I am not the most mature when it comes to arguing with him. I get really insulting, withhold sex, call him names, bring up things from the past. For his part he makes all sorts of promises, and talks about all the changes he is going to make and then it never happens. I call him on it not happening and he just says "I know, I dont know why?" and then more promises. Its this endless cycle of crap. I am not sure we can resolve this ourselves He just wont get off his ass.

Well.... that felt good to get it out. On other news, this is the last class of my first semester of law shool. I am not quite sure where time has gone. It was dragging ass when it was going on, but now that its finals time seems to have melted. I really should pay attention. But I just don't care right now. There over 2 hours left of this none-sense and my brain is completely numb.

First Year-


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