Thursday, December 08, 2005

Honor Code Violation

OK....this is one of the only things that has made me actually laugh during exams, so I have decided to share.

To begin with I am not a huge freak about the honor code. I mean, I wouldn't steal some else's work and try to pass it off as my own, but aside from that I don't much care what other people do, say, etc.

Now my school is insane about the honor code. When the entire 1L class was working on a huge paper we were told that we weren't even allowed to speak to one another about the paper. As in, not even discussing the points, debating the positions, answering inane legal citation questions, telling each other how long our damned papers were, nothing. Other then the person who is our "partner" in the research. No one other then this person was supposed see our paper, our research. See what I mean, total freaks. Of course I can see that we shouldnt be passing around the papers and copying bits and pieces, or even the logic from someone else's but give me a fucking break.

So.... fast forward to yesterday. One of my classes has a "take home" final that we have to complete within an 8 hour time period sometime during the first week of exams. The entire class is forbidden to talk about this class, the exam, etc at all during this exam period, because some people will take it right away, some people will wait and to do so would be an honor code violation and a failure for the exam and thus the class since the exam is the only grade. So, a group of us in the class as sitting in the cafeteria chatting about something that has nothing to do with the final. At the next table the professor for the class is sitting there with a friend sipping coffee. At a table directly across from the professor sit 3 douche bages.

Douche Bag#1: Hey, I took the exam yesterday and you should definetly studying.....

Douche Bag#2 & #3: regale him with questions.

The professor, sitting mere feet away from these wonders of genius yells over, "discussing the exam is a violation to the honor code and if you continue you will fail the class"

Now...this is a friendly warning, he didn't have to give it. Most people would be pretty embarassed for not notiving the professor sitting at the next table, say sorry and slink away. Nope, not these guys. One of them looks directly at him and yells, "what, are you going to snitch on us???" and they all laugh.

The 6 of us not violating the honor code about died laughing as the professor got all of their names, and most likely went on to fail them all.

So, thanks are definetly dumber then me :)


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