Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Its Over....

Well... its the day after the exam and its finally over. No more papers, exams, etc until the middle of next month. You'd think I'd be a very happy girl with so much free time suddenly on my hands? Well I am happy, I just feel a bit empty.

There was an evening students trip to a bar after the exam. I didn't go because I wanted to come home and go have a drink with Boyfriend. Well, I get home and nothing happens, no drink (though eventually I did get a beer). We just sat there and watched crappy television shows. I wished I had gone out to the bar with my friends.

I am dissapointed so much by his lack of enthusiam for life/me/anything other then his work. If you all think work-aholics are just of the white collar variety you are wrong.

He says he has been trying to stay out of my way for exam, with exams over I guess we will see.

Sorry for the depressing post, I expected I would be really happy. Now I just feel like I have missed out on some fun because I thought me and boyfriend were going to have our own. Instead I got a crappy beer and come crappy TV. anti-clamatic


Blogger calswec said...

Aren't you glad finals are over though? I sure as hell am glad all my damn papers are in. what kind of nutters are we, trying for this higher education thing??!! :P

6:04 PM  
Blogger dicta said...

the empty feeling is very weird, and it wont go away for a while. after law school, having days without any work to do is ridiculous, and can leave you lost and disoriented. as for myself, this winter break will not be that way, as i have signed up to do our school's VITA program in the spring (read: help people do their taxes), so i have plenty to learn over break, (un?)fortunately. but hey, tomorrow i will be 1/2 lawyer! woohoo!

as to Boyfriend, i've found that most friends/significant others/people who are not in law school or have never gone do not understand. in this way i think we, as law students, are sort of like a cult. the majority of my friends do not understand (though some do which is fantastic) all i have on my plate. i now have an ex-girlfriend i didnt have coming into law school. but it happens. take solace in your friends at school, and in those who understand how busy you are and what it all means to you.

wow, that was kinda serious, i mean, for me. you read my blog, you know. dicta, showin the sensitive side...hoohah!

9:50 PM  

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