Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rant: Selfish Fucked up People

So... I want to get this off my chest, and what better way then into the wide internet.

So I have this newish friend, "S" who is the best most wonderful person in the world. I haven't known her for long, but if feels like we're so much closer then we should be. She's great for so many reasons, its hard to list. I will try, but it wont do her any justice (a word I kinda cringe when I hear now!)

1. She is totally self-less. If she can do something for someone, she does. She doesn't ask, doesn't need to be asked. She is happy to make others happy. I am slightly the same way in that I love to see my friends smile.

2. She's 100% non-judgemental. I can tell her anything, the most messed up stuff and she doesn;t even blink an eye, act shocked, or try to pass a moral judgement on me. I have never had a friend, even a best friend, that I had not have to keep secrets from, thinking, what will this person think if I tell them this?

3. She is a great conversationalist. Some people missed the memo on the listen/talk thing, but not her! She knows when I need to vent and she knows she can always vent to me. She doesn;t interrupt constantly, put anyone down, or make others feel bad/studid.

4. She is trusting. Its nice to know that someone trusts you to tell you personal things. :)

5. She;s fun and up for almost anything!

6. She;s not a super girly girl, doesnt obsess with shopping (we both hate it) manicures etc.

I dont know what else to list. But she is truly a beautiful person. A great friend and someone I am really glad I have in my life.

Now...for my rant. Some people are SOOO fucked up towards her. When you meet someone like her (at least for me) you just want to make them smile as much as they want to make you smile. You want to make them happy. But not some fucked up people. Some people want to take advantage or even use the person. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Do they just live to fuck with other. memo to you people.... you are ugly ugly people on the inside. you must be so empty and lonely in your lives that you need to make someone so awseome feel crappy to make your own sad life better. Please know that Karma will come back and bite you! Friendships work with a give and take....not a take take take take. GRRR it just makes me so mad to see someone so wonderful and sweet being treated in such a shitty way by others. I wish these people would just fuck off. Of course I know its not me and I shouldn;t take it so personally. But I do take it personally because she is such a great friend to me. If it were me she would take it personally too. Thats the difference between those shitty people and people like her, Empathy.

OK...rant over. though I could go on for a long time

First Year-


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