Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am the worst student ever

I think I really am. I am completely unenthusiastic about going to class, I celebrate any cancelled class or one that I can skip. I don't know why I am like this. My classes this semester seeem, at least at this early point, to be a lot more interesting then last semesters. The professors (except for the old guy who teaches con law, he is really freaking old!) are OK and one of them is even pregnant, so there is hope the wench will have to make her exit before the semester is over.

So.... how do I get motivated? I would have to think that my scholastic laziness has something to do with my overall laziness. I work from home most days, doing much of nothing. I spend the rest of my time sitting in various places (class, couch, cafeteria, officer chai, library, etc). This makes me thing I should try to move myself around. I feel as if I have so little energy, the thought of a 30 minute run really makes me want to go runnning back to bed. But maybe I should try to just go around the block or something. Its something to think about. I felt a lot better overall bef0re law school when I was excersing regularly and eating well.

Its not that I am fat now, or a bigger size or anything. But I can see the muscle tone I have gained from years of weight training starting to turn soft. Its kind of amazing how long it take to get into shape and how fast it takes to get out of it (about 4-5 months!).

For now these are just thoughts, I am still in my PJs now. Sigh.



Blogger Beth said...

I personally skip the exercise and have so much fun on the weekend, I absolutely have to drop everything and work hard during the week. If I can stretch my weekend from Thursday to Tuesday, I'm doing it right

12:16 PM  

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