Friday, February 10, 2006

But We Deserve It!!!!

I don't know if anyone else is completely appalled at the entitlement attitude of some in this country, but I am. I was reading one of my little debate boards (yea, I love to argue, go figure)

So on this one board was a very busy thread. Apparently exhausted with the constant berage of welfare stories about people who had children they couldn't afford but chose to keep anyhow she made a post about some prerequisites folks should strive for before having children.

She was so violently admonished it was scary.

1. Have a years worth of living in savings--> OK...this is a large amount, but how about having something. No said the other posters, having any sort of money in savings is an extreme burden, if we all had to have savings before the children the population of the US would decline to a dangerously low level and the economic system would fall apart (WTF....these women are stupid stupid people)

2. Have Health/Life Insurance--> Sounds like a good idea right? If you have the kid you should pay for its inevitable medical care. Also, life insurance and long term disability can soften the blow of a disaster. No Way!!! said the other posters. Insurance is expensive, why bother struggling to pay for insurance when health coverage will be given by the state to the kid. They shouldn't be expected to provide it to their off spring themselves.

3. Be married/in committed relationship/have a support network/etc--> Sounds like a healthy place to raise a kid. Other posters: You can't control when you have kids!!! (ummm....yes you can moron!)

4. Have good credit--> This one I can take or leave. it is nice to be able to buy a house/car or get a good rate on a credit card. Other Posters: Outragoues, how could we be expected to be financially responsible prior to having children? A house/car/credit card isn't needed for kids.

5. Good paying job to support children---> Great, you need to support your children, right? Other posters: Theres something to be said for raising children in poverty, there is always welfare.

Then they go on to ask if she thinks poor people shouldn't have children. Well I'll take the unpopular position, that NO poor people who cannot feed/clothe/provide healthcare/provide housing for themselves, let alone a child should not have children.

Yeeesh. You need a license to drive a damn car, but children, naaaah no requirements. Heaven forbid you be able to provide for them, why should you be? You waaaant them! Grrr


Blogger Skwerly said...

Amen, sister!

I have a blog post similar in theme:

Skwerly Life: Why I'm not renewing my Cosmo subscription

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Thinking Fool said...

Couldn't agree MORE with you regarding people procreating. If you're a scumbag loser, you really should do society a favor and not introduce new scumbag losers into the population.

8:57 PM  

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