Thursday, February 09, 2006

Getting Bak Into It

So, I have basically been ignoring law school lately. And now I'm behind, and scared to go back, thus getting even further behind. But tonight really should be the night to go back. I only have 1 class tonight, it wont involve me doing anything or participating, I just need to start back and slowly get back into things. The only class where this is going to be hard is the one where I am suppposed to be writing a huge paper, none of which I have started. Sigh.... I need to snap out of this, I wonder if these is still time to salvage whats leftof the semester.

Sadly, there is so much crap for me after my little "mental vacation" that I am scared to even look at it all, write it down, and begin picking through it,

So, I guess I am just going to try and make it to school tonightm thats step one...go to class. Its a sad thing to have to try to do, but if I start thinking about the paper and all the reading and everything else I'll just have a panic attack and crawl back under the covers.

Have a good day all ;)


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