Monday, February 25, 2008


I have things I'd like to write about, but it seems weird in my own old school blog, I've thought of starting a new one more about work and life in the DC metro area :)

Not much has been happening lately, Work is going and busy, there is the usual torrent of incompetant coworkers, entitled customers, and crazy higher ups that there always seems to be no matter the company or the position.

Married life is going again, we haven't filed for divorce, so consider that one a success :) We seem to be getting along well and all that good stuff.

Other than that, I am basically just sitting around at home doing old lady style activities (knitting, watching TV, reading, and so on).

I am just somehow uninspired to rant about the bitchy girls who sit near me, or the crazy VP, or the accidently porn.....sigh. I really did used to enjoy the online blogger community, I just feel after leaving law school I don't really belong anymore :(


Blogger she said: said...

Are you depressed? Or you just don't want to write anymore?

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss you too!


10:54 AM  

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