Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hello Brain?????

Yea... I have had a sort of rough weekend so far. I should be writing a few pieces of a paper right now, but instead I am posting here. I was originally scolding myself about not being able to concentrate, but then I realized if I let my mind wander for a little bit I will be much more likely to be productive then if I try to force myself to do something I am really not interested in. Good thing this paper isn't an emergency yet because the other one was a piece of crap.

Also...anyone reading in the "blizzard" strike zone, I hope you make it through with the minimum amount of interference in your daily lives. As for those in the DC metro area like myself, don't worry about the snow, worry about the retards on the road to start driving into each other at the mere mention of it. Also, catch a look at DC's ingenious answer to the snow (no not snow ploughs, sanding trucks, or anything else that makes sense) the snow melter. Thats right, they load the snow on a truck and melt it. Good thing DC residents are completely unrepresented in the government, otherwise their "representative" might get an earfull. But I digress (a lot!!!)

First Year-


Blogger ESQ-JD said...

Very true about snow in VA. In Richmond, you get 1-2 inches and people can't handle it. I think it's probably that Southern drivers (meaning, drivers in states that don't get too much snow) don't know or understand that they need to slow down and leave more time for turning and stopping. Last yr, I remember there was some insane number of accidents (+50) over night on 95.

11:55 AM  
Blogger dicta said...

forecast here: 6-12in
reality: 3in

meteorology can (still) kiss my ass. damn journalism flunkies.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Skwerly said...

The problem here is that when we do get a little snow/ice, the SUV drivers think that just because they have 4WD capabilities, they can still go 40 mph + on the city streets. Uhh, hello, traction does not equal stopping power on ice.

I'd still love some real winter though. Our winter has been warm and dry. Yuck.

12:43 PM  

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