Thursday, March 30, 2006

One Last Weekend

After this weekend the last paper of the semester is getting turned in!!!! Writing this paper has been one of the most frustrating processes of all time. Most of my issues with this assignment comes from having to write a long paper with another person.

Now, I hate writing alone....try getting 2 law students together to write one coherent paper. Right, but they wouldn't let us use the same partners we have had all semester so, we switch up and I get stuck with (lets call her) Obsessive Nikki "ON".

ON is a perfectly nice girl in class, but I think her employment at XXXX has turned what used to be an easy going person into an OCD monster, a person no one should have to work closely with. So, so every deadline she insists on sending everything to the professor, putting everything together, spliting things up, making lists of things and deadlines, and basically taking control of everything.

Normally this would be great but ON is apparently only good at the organization portion of things and not so much the substance of the writing. During the consult with the proffesor her sections were ripped apart and she apparently missed many landmark cases and hadn't heard of them before.

So, I've had to go back and redo a lot of research and writing. Her grammar and citation skills are great though. seems fair to me... I write most of the paper and she..... ummm... moves commas around and makes sue they are underlined. Those See cites can be tricky!

Sorry for the vent... just can't wait to stop working on this paper and to get back the non-OCD Nikki I knew before this fiasco :)

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