Wednesday, February 15, 2006


So... I had seen all those site trackers on people's sites and decided it would be cool to know how many people are visiting me. However, I did not expect site tracker to give me all sorts of information, I thought they would just give me a number. Not so. Recently I have been a little bored and looking through the visitors and got a little freaked out. Heres a few things I found odd/weird/etc.

1. Someone from my school (or more then 1 someone) is reading my blog!!! This is fine and all, but I got a little paranoid that this person might know me/know its my blog. I write this (so I thought) anonymously and don't really want people knowing me (well not people I know know what I mean!). There is no refferring URL whichn makes me wodner if someone in class saw me posting on it or something and now reads it. So please...if you're reading this and you go to school in D.C. can you just let me know if you know me or not?????? I know you're reading this..... (ummm that might have come put creepier then I meant it too). Just drop me a comment. Please? Or... i guess you can tell me in class tonight :(

2. A lot of people from the virginia suburbs are reading this, specifically Reston. This is only odd because it seems random that like so many visitors are from that one city (well a lot in my VA suburb as well..but thats a different story). So person (s) reading in Reston, delurk. I am just curious. How did you find me?

3. The other schools people are reading from. This isn't weird or anything its just amusing. Especially who ever is reading from Harvard and Stanford. But also the people from Devry. Nice to see others wasting time during class too :)

4. The poor person who found my site using the search term "first year or law school info" I'm sorry they directed you to this site. Please don't get information about your first year from me. Try a law student who isn't a complete lazy ass. Also the person who found me searching for "Link:" what on earn where you searching for? you don't need a link if you know the website. Also, its funny to see me pop up first on the search, I didn't think I would be first on any search.

Ok... I will let this go now (and perhaps not look through the details again). So to sum it up. People reading at a DC school...let me know if you know who I am. Person (s) in Reston...whats up? and guy searching for law school info/advice try a better law student.

See what happens when I don't want to read for criminal law???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The internet is not as anonymous as you'd like to think.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Law Whore said...

Wow. The morons at G-Town obviously have nothing to do with their lives. I can't wait to see what happens if they ever find my blog :).

Also... I am not sure you go to that vapid school. You seem to have a stronger grip on reality and have less of an ego then needed to go to that place.

Nice blog :)

4:37 PM  
Blogger Skwerly said...

I can tell you for certain I don't live anywhere near the District of Corruption.

Let's just call me "west of the Mississippi."

If memory serves me, I found you by reading comments on someone else's blog. I wanna say it was Feenix Girl.

Now how do I get one of these site trackers so I can see if anyone's reading me???

10:08 AM  

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