Friday, March 31, 2006

Someone Needs a Civics Lesson

So...whats a gal with a paper to write to do this morning? Get to work writing my paper, just have to do a few things before I get to it.

So..., I have now been sitting here for about an hou. I let the cat in, I let the cat out, I checked all my email addresses (new school, old school, junk, personal, blog, etc), I had a snack, I had a shower, I watched the end of the Tyra show.

So, the only thing left to do before delving into my work was to check my debate boards to see which lonely housewife/welfare recipient had something funny or interesting to say. Well I did get my fix this morning with a brilliant idea thought up by one poster who particularly lacks a logical thought process.

So She says: A Tax payer cannot track down the taxes they have paid to a specific food stamp allotment, salarary, medicine provided to someone on medicaid, or any social welfare problem. Because of this we cannot say "my money pays for welfare" because we can't say for sure that out specific cash supports welfare. So when someone posts a senario about food stamp users purchasing say crab legs with tax dollars and asks for opinions, apparently none of us are allowed to have an opinion about it.

People tried to reason with her... but that is how the tax system works, but we cannot prove where a single penny of our tax dollars go to does that mean we cannot voice any opinions about government spending? Ummm.... this doesn't seem right. What about those who don't pay taxes (and many people paying taxes out of their paychecks get it back at tax time through refunds and various tax credits), do they get no say at all? Why let them vote????

Oooooh.... the basic premise of this country, democracy huh? What kind of moronic attitude is "I don't know if my money funded that giant government waste so I should keep my opinions about the fact thats a waste to myself."

That doesn't make sensne to me...well I DO understand her arguement I just think it basically concedes that we shouldnt judge what the government spends money on, and I think its very important that American's keep a watchful eye and remain vocal about government spending.

Also... In other news, this site comes up 4th or something when searching for "poor people shouldn't have children". I am so proud of myself :(

First Year :)


Blogger The Platypus said...

Actually, if you put "poor people..." in quotes you're number one. Whoo-hoo! Outside of quotes I'm not seeing you on the first Google page.

My opinion is that there aren't many people who are truly poor in this country. Even the homeless have cell phones and wear leather from head to toe and very few look like they're starving and anybody can have a "free" education if they want to bother to go to school, but an interesting New Yorker article (I'd link it but can't cut & paste into this comment window) argues that it's relative wealth that makes people poor. Yeah, everybody has a color TV and dishwasher and private transportation, but if other people have bigger TVs and iPods and a flashier SUV than you, you're "poor". They say it can actually shorten people's life spans due to destructive enzymes and effects caused by stress. I'll remember that next time I'm in line behind someone paying for their Yo-Ho's with food stamps while they run up minutes on a cell.

8:41 AM  

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