Thursday, April 06, 2006

Do Not Get your Law School Info From Me!

I notice a lot of traffic coming from people searching for infomation about their first year or last school or going to law school or things of that nature (though I am pleased to come up 3rd on a search for "its all gone to hell"). There are so many reason to get your information/advice or whatever from somewhere other then myself.

1. I skip classes--> yup.... in classes where attendence isn't taken and doesn't count, I do skip class. Not like 5o% of them or even a quarter of them, but most likely more then 1Ls should. I don't feel bad about this, I just do the reading and enjoy my evening at home. Maybe this stems from job-related stress that someone going full time doesn't need to deal with, many of my classmates skip class.

2. I stopped briefing cases long ago. I normally do my reading before class and sometimes I get all motivated and write myself a few notes. But I have found just reading the cases and marking my book up is enough.

3. I sit in the back--> if I get an option of where to sit I sit in the back row. Mostly this is because I want to surf the web without people (like myself) looking over my shoulder. In fact I even sat partially obstructed by a collum on purpose.

4. I don't spend 40 hours a week studying. I read my cases, do my papers and then I go out, I watch TV, I mess with the backyard, play with the cat, do whatever else. When I have time (which isnt often with this cursed legal writing BS class) i enjoy myself.

5. I am NOT taking classes this summer. Most of everyone else is, but I really just want to have a relaxing summer. I want to just put in my 40 hours at work and then not have anything to stress over in my mind. I am picking my sanity over school, which is not advised.

6. My rantings and ramblings here are most likely not a realistic portrayal of my life. I mean, I post unusual things, or when I am pissed, or annoyed, or find something funny, or whatever. but most of the days of a law student are spent doing boring tasks (reading, highlighting, outlining, whatever).

There are way more reasons, but that should give you an idea of why I am not the best person to get your law school info from..... But if you like your law school info more entertaining then educational read on :)

First Year-


Blogger Nut's mom said...

Hahaha... you sound like me and my grad program! I had a girl I went to get my BA with ask if she should go to school in SF and I told her almost everything you did, but make it all about therpay!!!

PS thanks for the link. I blush. :)

6:20 PM  
Blogger Beyond a Reasonable Doubt said...

*laugh* I'm pretty much doing the same as you, First Year. I sit in back, I've stopped briefing, I sometimes skip class, and I don't spend 40 hours a week studying. Other then Legal Rhetoric, I relax out of class.

Question for you: is everyone really taking classes this summer? I'm working 9-5:30, Monday through Friday, so I had just planned on taking the required seminar to get academic credit for my externship... Why isn't it advised to not take classes?

6:10 PM  
Blogger Supra said...

Hey, how do you monitor where your site traffic comes from? It sounds like a deliciously self-indulgent activity...
Thanks for the shout-out!

10:55 AM  

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