Monday, April 03, 2006

Its Monday!!!!!

Hmm... odd. I thought writing out "its monday" all excitedly would help me wake my ass up this morning, but not as much really. Though there is some good news this Monday:

1. hell paper is done and getting printed and turned in as I type this (thanks OCD partner)

2. I am meeting a friend for drinks after class who I haven't seen in a long time (since sophmore year of undergrad). She's so much fun, and I was sad when she graduated two years before me and went off to live far away. So at least theres something fun waiting for me at the end of the day :)

As a sort of side note, I was reading the comment to my last post and I just wanted to say that I could not agree more. Some of the ladies on the message board they refer to themselves as poor are typing their messages on computers and a high speed internet connection. I don't think someone paying almost 50 bucks for internet a month is "poor". I also think its completely disgraceful to spend that money on internet when you're accepting foodstamps. I think that given a choice between feeding myself and my (hypothetical) small children I would not choose the websurfing.

I have lived in countries where there was real poor people. They didn't have a TV, DVD player, did not go to McDs, etc. Its all about how you prioritize. For me, I spend some money on entertainnment, cable, drinks after class and all that, but when things are tight I dont do that and spend more tightly. Me and Boyfriend also contribute to our savings every paycheck, so that if we get a bad check or if we get laid off or whatever, we had money to pay bills.

People who live on the financial edge are begging for a problem to crop up. Its one thing to live and spend everything as a single person with no one but yourself. Its still dumb and will get you screwed, but at least you are single, not tied down, can work more without needing daycare or worrying about anyone but you. As a family, how can you have children and not have anything saved? Something ALWAYS happens, theres always a mini-emergencie. Car breaks down, fridge breaks, etc etc.

I guess its a mindset difference. I don't think you're poor living in a home, gettingn food, and owning luxuries. I also don't think its anyone's responsibility to feed me other then myself.

Oh look... I wrote another long rant. I guess this is just a hot button for me :)

Hope you all have an easy day back :)


Blogger dicta said...

i agree. if you have things like a computer/internet you're not that poor. and if you are, then your priorities are messed up. it really bothers me when people like that complain about money and/or collect welfare or like payments. that's not what the money is for. there is no inherent right to internet. i'm pretty sure the founding fathers debated it, but intentionally omitted it.

10:49 AM  

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