Friday, September 08, 2006

Yes, I KNOW That costs more...

In this day and age of fat-assesness why do some "establishments" insist on forcing people to spend *more* money on *less* food????

For example:

I was feeling a little cranky yesterday, and while I never eat fast food (maybe 6 times a year) I decided that I really wanted some fatty McD's. So, I went and ordered my "usual" a chesseburger (the single, small one). I was told that it was 15 cents more expensive then the "double chesseburger". I tell her I would really prefer the smaller burger (still an ass load of calories and fat by the way, I am not good nutrition superstar here). She seems utterly shocked that anyone would pay more money for half the food.

Well, I doubt many people spend more money on less food. Most people would probably get the double cheese burger. But then the problem is, you're eating twice the cheeseburger. I know myself, if I have a double cheeseburger I will EAT it, all of it, every last greasy bite. Thats why I am practicing self-moderation and ordering the smaller one. It will satisfy my craving for the greasy badness but wont hurt my waisteline, cholesteral level, and general health as much as twice the food.

Another case... at a local place. Theres a special on the "large" plate where it basically costs less then the "small" plate. Well I always order the small plate. Its got a pile of pasta on it, a pile of whatever entree it was, and a pile of a veggie. I can't even finish it, most people can't. I always thought the large plate was meant for sharing, family dinners, or obese people. So, when I ordered my usual small plate of chicken parm with fettucine and I was told the large plate was $1 less money. Thats OK I say. Yes I KNOW I could take it home and enjoy my fat feast for another 2 meals, but you know what, I don't think I should that entire pile of food even in a 2 day time period. Your dishes are delicious, but I am trying to keep my figure.

I can imagine that many people thought "well of course I'll get the big plate, it costs less". Yes it does cost less money. But think of the extra 1 hour on the treadmill thats going to require! Or think of the cost of new clothes a few sizes larger.

Or maybe...with the obesity crisis being what it food peddlers can stop enticing people with financial savings to each larger quantities of food. Or maybe even start serving actual portion sizes. But of course someone faced with an *actual* portion of pasta, tiny piece of chicken, and full cup and a half of veggies will most likely feel ripped off.

Sigh... I cannot be the only person who sees how messed up this is. the treadmill for me :)



Blogger LawNut said...

I find that healthy food is more expensive than bad-for-you food too! So basically, it's cheaper to be bigger. Thanks, but no thanks - I'll pay more.

3:03 PM  
Blogger dicta said...

this is very true. dont you think foreign visitors find it weird that all our poor people are so fat?

1:22 PM  

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