Friday, October 13, 2006

Responding to Anonymous Comment....

There was a comment to my last entry and I didn’t want it or my response to it to be buried into the comments, so I decided that I would give it, its own post.

This was posted by “anonymous” (of course, why would someone ever sign their own blogger name and or google/gmail name when it is so much easier to post anonymously. As you can see I do not really think too much of people who post in this manner). My comments in red :)

“You're an ass.”

That’s probably true. But isn’t everyone in some regard?

”These students are protesting in a non-violent manner, expressing their displeasure at a president who was selected with none of their input, and someone who, as provost, did absolutely nothing to improve the university's graduation rate.”

Yes, they are protesting in a non-violent manner but that doesn’t make my opinion, that their protests are counterproductive to their goal invalid.

She did nothing to improve the graduation rate? Could this be the fault of some of the students or as provost did she have the sole responsibility for people (adults who can make their own decisions in life) graduating from college? Maybe she can be more effective as president? Maybe when she is not effective she will be removed by the board. As for her selection with none of their input, I find it hard to believe that NO (as in zero) students were involved, asked, participated, etc in any way in the selection process. Do other Universities allow their students to pick their President? Well that would be nice!

Sorry, but I see nothing about preventing others from getting their education that will help improve graduation rates. In fact, it seems the protests are hurting the quality of education at Gallaudet because it seems there is currently no education going on.

“They have every right to be pissed off, and good for them for doing something about it.”

I agree, they have every right to be pissed off. And they could do something about it that wouldn’t prevent people who might need to work (hourly wage employees perhaps) from their work or students who might want to learn or need to learn from accessing their education. Can’t something be done without blocking access to the school? I think it could be. Perhaps the students that want to protest can stop going to class themselves in a form of protest, but to block other people’s education (some of whom do not want to be protesting with them) is inherently counterproductive.”Sure, they're keeping others from going to their classes, but the overall goal of the protest is to improve the standing of the school,…”

Yea. Stopping the educationaly process with definitely help the standing of the schools. Academics and graduation rates improve drastically when students aren’t allowed to go to classes. That makes perfect sense.

“…which, if you would actually take the time to read any articles about this matter, you would know is considered to be the most recognized school for the deaf in the world.”

See this is where your assumption about me is wrong. I have read dozens of articles, their own website about their protest. Along with that I am friends with several students who attend Gallaudet (and I can sign with an intermediate level of skill so that I am able to communicate with them) and I am also friends with a security officer at the campus (who has had to work hours and hours of overtime, miss many of her and her children’s activities). So I am aware and I am informed (and yes I know it’s the most recognized school for the deaf), but I simply (gasp) don’t agree with you. Hey it’s a free country so we can all make out own opinions.

“So, yes, the president of Gallaudet does actually have a lot to do with how deaf people are viewed in the world, so I think it's perfectly reasonable for these students to express their anger with the selection, particularly since their voices weren't initially heard.”

But you don’t think their behavior has any effect on how people deaf people are viewed in the world? I am sorry but I seriously think that as bad of an impression Jane might make people (who are these people???) making judgments about deaf people its got to be aggravated severely by the behavior of the protestors.

”People aren't viewing the protestors as "animals." That's just you, and probably other equally misinformed idiots who don't take the time to fully understand the situation.”

And again you’re wrong. I have followed this situation from the beginning, I am informed from all sides of the story and I don’t agree with you. I think their acting in a negative manner. I think they should simply be removed from the campus so that students who want to learn can do so. Also, so people who depend on hourly income from their jobs there can return to work and supporting their families. They absolutely have the right to express their opinions, and they have the right to chose how they express them. That doesn’t mean that everyone is going to think they are some sort of heroes standing up for themselves.

I refuse to treat deaf people or these deaf students any differently then any other students. I also won’t hold them to any lower standard of reasonable behavior. If some ignorant person decides to judge the entire deaf community by the president of one of their university (albeit one of the more prominent) then the problem is with them and not with the deaf community. It’s the same as judging all black people by 1 black person or all Jewish people by 1 Jewish person, etc.

Basically, I thank you for your comments (though an insult was not really needed, mature, or really productive to your point in any way) but I disagree.

First Year :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting this, first year. You're right. I hadn't heard of this protest.

I have to admit that I am somewhat torn. Having gone to a school where protesting was a frequent occurrence (I think my previous football pic gave this away anyway), I feel that nonviolent protest is often the only way to get people to listen. Bureaucrats are usually only too happy to stay the course and disregard student displeasure. When things shut down, they have to listen.

That said, I think there are a lot of negative side-effects to it (as you've mentioned), so that abusing it can be a net negative and counterproductive. .I can remember more than a few times at being exasperated when students seemed to protest anything at any given moment.

You're obviously more well-read on the subject than I, so I will defer to you. I get the feeling that in order for these students to amass this kind of movement, they must be REALLY ticked off.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just for you:

Go Pats!

10:44 AM  
Blogger dicta said...

that's why i dont allow anonymous comments on my blog. if someone has something to say about something i write, they can stand behind their statement. no pussies allowed.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Thinking Fool said...

Amen, First Year. Brilliant post/response/etc.

Dicta, there's a difference between not allowing anonymous comments and not allowing non-blogger comments. I'd like to post on your site, but can't because I don't have a blogger i.d. Alas, such is life.

Oh, and First Year, again, grand slam. Nice.

10:19 PM  

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