Monday, January 29, 2007

It Shouldn't be This Hard!

So, I have been trying to purchase a phone for quite some time now and am about to lose it at Sprint. The transaction that I want to take place between me and the super "helpful" people inside the store is simple: I want a new phone and they have new phones. I will give them money in exchange for the new phone. Easy, right? Not so much. Below, please find my Sprint Saga.

Try #1:

Me and the Mr. wander into our local Sprint store and look around, pick out the phones we'd like and wait. And waaaait and wait. Finally after about 45 minutes in the store we ask someone who clearly doesn't care whether someone might be able to help us (they make you sign in and you wait for your name to be called, but no one was helping anyone really) and the look of disgust and sigh that screamed "Oh fiiiiiine" was my reward. But I will commend her she did drag herself off her lazy ass and asked us what we wanted. When we told her what phones we'd like she said, "Don't have em" and ran off into the back. Totally frustrated we head home.

Try #2:

Several months after the first incident we finally decide to try again and this time go to a different Sprint store, foolishly and niavely thinking the service would be better. This time we'd already picked out the phones we wanted, we had called the store beforehand to ensure they were in stock and we went in the middle of the daytime when most people are *working* (not so apparently). Still we are met with the sign in sheet and a 50 minute wait. Once it is our turn we are told one of the phones we want is back ordered. "But we called an hour ago! Did they just sell the last one?" Oh.... no they didn't apparently, "Nah, they haven't been in all month...". Thanks again sprint!

Then I gave up trying for almost a year. Our contract ran out and our phones went to hell. Mine no longer carries a charge for more then 15 minutes of talk time and the Mr's has a volume problem where he has to sort of scream to be heard. So, I decided it was time no matter how painful to get the new my work is paying for me to pick out whatever PDA I want so I can further sell my soul to "the man".

Try #3 (Today):

So, I have called and had a conversation with several people over at Sprint. They say they have the phones and everything seems good. I pick a store in a nice area where most people are working hoping that would cut down on the wait time (it didn't) but I was sorely mistaken. Apparently, "We have plenty of them in stock" is code for "We don't have any and I have no idea when we will!".

So Sprint, I must ask....What the fuck is wrong with you? All I want is a damn phone and you SELL phones....why don't you just sell one to me? How is it possible that you are always out of the phone I want (which is never an unusual model) even when I call and make someone go physically look for the phone? At this point, I am not on a contract anymore and while I really wanted to stick with Sprint you are literally making it impossible for me to do that. My phone is broken, I really need another and apparently I need a PDA. If you wont sell me one I am afraid I really will need to go elsewhere.

Luckily for me when I called Sprint up and told them this they let me order the phones on the phone (and wait like 3 days for them) and gave me an extra $250 off. I am still pissed but at least I am getting a new phone. I just don't get the problem, why is there always such a huge ass wait and so many useless employees milling around? Don't most people have to have jobs in order to pay for their phones? Well if so what the fuck are all these people constantly doing at the Sprint store?

Well, I guess I'll never know. I am just glad its over.

First Year :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's because they had to spend all of their money to hire that guy from Office Space (aka Berger) to do their ads. Who needs customer service when you have that kind of star power behind you!

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Believe me - it isn't just Sprint. It is every fucking company on the planet.

You can also thank low unemployment, and tons of disposable income.

I an a shy person - but I have taken to telling people when I call that if I get there and they don't have the item they just told me they had - I will create a scene. Not like it really f-ing matters.

I will refuse to buy anything from them in the future though.

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just don't go to bloody T-Mobile. They're even worse... Oh yes, worse is possible.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous D said...

New reader, like your blog a lot.

I've discovered the key when calling ahead is to be very clear and definite. "So you assure me you will have this phone when I arrive in 20 minutes, is that right *Mike*? Because if I arrive and there is no phone, I will be happy to wait for management to address the discrpancy, and will certainly be able to mention that it was our conversation that led me to the express belief that I would be helped at your location. Is that all correct?"

When it comes to cell phone companies, even the sweetest 1l must get tough. Think of it as an opportunity to work out all that post-socratic stress.

3:04 PM  

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