Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Things to be Thankful For

Since I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving (a) because I am a lazy ass sometimes and (b) because I just haven’t been inspired by much of anything lately, a few days out of the office will calm one right down. But now I am back at work and wanted to think of a few things I have been thankful for lately.

1. Last night, pulling out of my garage at work the unthinkable happened. It was a crowded busy street, where no one will let anyone get out of a garage for quite sometime. But then it happened a METRO BUS (did you hear that? A BUS!!!!!) stopped in the middle of the road and waved me through. I hesitated for a few seconds, not understanding the kind thing he was doing, I thought for sure I would start moving and then he would plow me down. I have never, ever in my over 3 years of commuting into and around Washington, DC EVER had a bus do anything other then run me down. So, random kind metro bus driver….thank you.

2. Not having Children- This might sound a little mean but while Mr. First year and I enjoy some activity I often notice families around us trying to enjoy them to, but they can’t because they have some children with them. Now I am sure there are tons of great things about having kids, and I don’t personally hate them or anything…but really life seems so complicated by them. For example, we were at the grocery store wandering around and looking for something interesting for dinner. We were chatting about something unrelated and stopped once in awhile to grab an item or discuss which brand/product we wanted. Then we observed the “lots-a-kids” family. It was mom pushing one of those carts that 2 kids can sit in (and there were 2 kids) and 4 other children walking around Dad as they “shopped”. They were a noisy bunch and mom and dad looked so miserable (and in fact the screeching was making anyone in earshot miserable) because they had to go so slowly, the kids were grabbing and whining, and it seemed that it was just an all out stress-fest. Why do people do that? (a) Can’t you leave the kiddos at home with one parent? (b) clearly, those two could not control 6 kids….maybe there’s something to be said for not being out numbered 300%?.

But in any case, when comparing their shopping experience (stress, loud, whiny, long, etc) and ours (leisurely, short, just Mr. First Year asking for things :) I don’t know why I would trade. So, thank you loud annoying family, you made me realize just how thankful I am for still having some independence and having a much more tame life because I don’t have kids. In that light, I guess I should thank birth control as well. Thanks condoms and Ortho!

3. Tree Farmers- Totally random but we picked out our tree this weekend (a Balsam Fir) and its beautiful. A big, full and obscenely wide tree, I love it, but we’re sort of lagging on the decorations. We have the lights on and some garland and ornaments, but its just such a huge tree I have a feeling it will be a process. So, tree farmer, who grew my tree for 9-11 years….Thanks!!

Anyone else thankful for anything?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thankful to the kind soul who dropped off my bag in front of my apartment after I was mugged and what was left of its contents (minus wallet, phone, & ipod). I am also thankful to the nice person who dropped off my wallet at my old address (minus cash).

This is, of course, assuming that it wasn't the guy who mugged me. In which case I say, nice try, but i want my ipod back a*shole. I mean, come on. Are you really going to listen to Amadou & Miriam? F*cker...

Hope you had a nice Turkey Day!

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thankful for all my blogging friends!

I have one kid; that's plenty, in my book. I have a friend who just gave birth to her 12th. Not a typo, she now has 12 (one dozen) kids. From 19 to 0. Scary. We don't take our kid shopping. But he's old enough to stay home by himself. Even when he wasn't, we didn't take him. One of us stayed home.

For another reason to delay child-rearing, you can read my post from today about my kid's miserable attitude about school.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Thinking Fool said...

In response to the friendly bus driver story, I thought this blog was supposed to be nonfiction.

7:55 PM  

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