Thursday, November 09, 2006

Poor Gays :(

With the close of the polls the endless political ads that we all love to hate have all been mercifully removed from our TVs. I had my favorites (Michael Steele likes puppies but he LOVES George Bush) and not so favorites (Webb…. Right for 06….1806), but now they are all finally gone.

In the end the democrats prevailed in VA (I believe today was the first day it was safe to say Webb won without some one freaking out about recounts and the such) and both the house and senate turned blue. It still feels like a hollow victory, mostly because of the first ballot question in Virginia, which passed.

Apparently it wasn’t enough for Virginian’s to refuse to allow gay marriages. So, then they decided to not acknowledge a gay marriage performed somewhere that such a practice was legal. But yet this still wasn’t enough and all civil unions and any other “marriage equivalent” was removed as an option. But someone still wasn’t happy and decided to was time to change the constitution of the state to make damn sure that marriage was defined as between ONE women AND ONE man, because I guess… they wanted to make 100% sure gays were not marrying in Virginia.

I hopes it would fail miserable, because I like to think that most people are of the reasonable variety. But that was not the case. Even though in Northern VA, where I reside 70% of people looked at the question and said, “ What???? No…..” the rest of the fucking hicks in this state decided writing discrimination right into the state constitution was the way to go.

I really want to hear one reason, just one that is NOT based entirely on religious views of what marriage is and is not about why gay people shouldn’t do whatever gay thing they want (including marrying each other). Is the fear that the illegality of gay marriage was what was keeping most of the population straight? So, if gays could marrying most of us straight folks would yell, “Woooohooo!!!!” and promptly grab the nearest member of the same sex and run down to the justice of the peace? Because if that’s the case….you’re just stupid.

Then there’s my favorite argument that once we let gay people marry then we will have to allow bestiality, incest and pedophilia too. Can someone explain this to me? Homosexuality = 2 consenting human adults deciding to be gay together, right? Bestiality = 1 consenting adult (or one would hope…) and 1 animal who does not have the ability to consent or not. Can people not see the difference? Sex acts that happen between humans and between animals are not comparable. Incest? Well personally I couldn’t give a crap less if people want to fool around with their relations, personally I find the idea unpalatable but really who am I do judge? The only exception to this would be if one of the relations was….a minor. And that brings us to the pedophilia thing. This is the dumbest comparison of them all. When someone molests a child it is not a consensual act, when someone engages in gayness, it is consensual (unless another crime is going on, but that’s a different story).

But none of that matter….gay people are “unnatural” and gay marriage will “cheapen the institution of marriage” (right but celeb marriages that last 10 minutes don’t….) and whatever type of “reasons” people have.

Today I am definitely NOT proud to call myself a Virginian, and I hope the people who decided to change our constitution are ashamed of themselves, but I know they aren’t, smug assholes.

:( First Year-

(P.S. Hi Mr. First Year :)


Blogger I-66 said...

My only problem was the wording at the voting booth which was as confusing as it could have been. I think they would've been better off asking:


It would've saved me a few minutes of my time.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I hear people confuse homosexuality with bestiality and pedopheilia such as FORMER senator Rick Santorum (woo hoo!), I realize that these people truly do not understand what homosexuality is.

When our mayor legalized gay marriage for a while back in 2002 or whenever that was, it was really a beautiful thing. Same sex couples, many of whom had been together for years (I know several couples that have been together for 10 or 15 years), were extatic that they could actually acknowledge and honor their commitment to one another the way straight couples could.

I don't get it either first year. We have civil unions here, but even crazy liberal California's family code only recognizes a marriage between a man and a woman.

As a friend of mine once observed, if you want to protect the sanctity of marriage, maybe you should first make it illegal to get married on reality television shows.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Thinking Fool said...

Nice title!

9:14 AM  
Blogger dicta said...

what kind of world is it where you can't even sodomize another guy in peace? if i were gay i'd be really pissed.

9:44 AM  
Blogger LawNut said...

Great post, FY. I completely agree, and it makes me sick in that I don't understand why people continue to stigmatize homosexual relations. It's very sad and narrow-minded. And really, people - so you're saying it's ok to have a marriage between two people who aren't in love, who cheat on each other, who beat each other, but because they are a man and a woman, it's allowed - but not a loving, compassionate, understanding relationship between two people of the same sex? When will the Bible thumpers open thier stupid little eyes and see the light?

12:47 PM  
Blogger she said: said...

I'm not sure they hate same sex marriages as much as they just love butting into other peoples business.

1:23 PM  
Blogger jagular said...

I would think that you will not hear a non-religious reason why gay marriage should not be allowed, precisely because it is for religious reasons that many people do not approve of gay marriage.
A large number of people see marriage as a religious institution and only as a religious institution.
I live in Texas, and I see this all the time.
But as far as what laws you guys decide to pass or to not pass, I am of no opinion, as I am not a citizen of Virginia.
But don't lose sight of the process. Living in a free country and having a form of government that is ruled by the people will result in some laws that you are happy with and some that you are not.
Did you know that in Texas we have some counties that are "dry" and some counties that are "wet". So if you want to buy alcohol and you live in a dry county, you have to go across the county line.
Rediculous? Probably. But it's the rule of law.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous mrfirstyear said...

hi first year, great post i see this as another example of the goverment making descisions that it feels we cannot make for ourselves. i completely agree with you that the sanctity of marriage will not lost if gay couples are allowed to marry. I have to question the sanctity of marriage looking at the divorce rate in this country. I cannot understand why they cannot just categorize as civil union that way it would not challange marriage in the churchs eyes.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THat ballot question had nothing to do with religion.

Simply, it was about institutionalizing one of the last publicly allowable hatreds: Homophobia.

4:08 AM  

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