Monday, November 06, 2006

Tattling: Not Just for Kids Anymore!

Even as adults none of us want to be a tattle tale or a rat. I hate telling on people and I unless something really horrendous was going on, I would not tell on people at work or otherwise. This is why I hate the situation Bitch Project Manager has put me in.

Despite what anyone thinks my job is, foremost during this time of the month it is to invoice all the people that should be giving us money. This is an important job because we need money to pay all the people who work here, pay the rent, and so on. Most people understand our need to be paid and cooperate with me in my mission to make sure all the invoices are correct and sent out in a timely manner. In fact, everyone but Bitch PM has given the information I need on time and generally not completely aggravated me.

But not this raging bitch, she is simply do busy to do a task that will take her approximately 5 minutes to accomplish and is the sole thing holding me up from sending out invoices for about 50-60% of our clients. I am pissed beyond belief, every day spent in the office is a waste of my fucking time because there is nothing more I can possibly do until this moron get her act together long enough to type some information into a computer that she should have been doing all month long.

In the beginning I asked her nicely when she would get the info in. She assured me it would be in only 2 whole days after the deadline. Well here we are 6 days before the deadline and still nothing from her. I tried emailing her and she hasn’t answered. Calling her offices affords me a, “I’m busy I’ll buzz you when I am done” (the buzzing never happens). And today my all time favorite when I just walked into her office this morning she looked at me, while drinking coffee and reading the post and said, “I am busy, maybe by the end of the day.”

Well, if this women wants to power struggle with someone half her age I guess she should do whatever makes her feel good about herself. But seriously I wanted to send these invoices out on the 1st or 2nd at the latest. Its not the 6th, what the fuck is the matter with you? Also, when you send our interoffice memos looking for reading material to help pass the time it makes me painfully obvious to me that you aren’t really all that busy.

So, if you don’t want to get your shit it, know that you have pushed me to the end of my rope. I was patient, understanding, and amicable until you blatantly thrust your power trip in my face. So I sent the following email it our collective boss:


I am having some trouble with invoicing this month and I was wondering if you mind advise me on the best course action. All the invoices, except for those accounts managed by Bitch went out on the 1st and 2nd, however Bitch’s clients cannot be billed because I am missing key information. I have asked Bitch for this information but she has yet to provide it. Since Bitch has not responded to my emails, calls or visits I do not know what more I can do to get these invoices out. I wondered if you might be able to talk with her to see what might be holding up her end of things. Thank you so much!

First Year”

This is what I really wanted to say:


Bitch is at it again! I got all the invoices that don’t involve her out the door as planned on the first and second, but she had made it impossible for me to do my job to this day. She needs to get some fucking info into the computer, a process she should have been doing all month long and would seriously take her 15 minutes or less now but she has failed to do it. I have asked her over a dozen times over email, the phone, and in person to get this info so I can bill our clients….but she wont budge. Since she has such a large chunk of our clients in her responsibility I haven’t billed xxx,xxxx this month. Bitch is going around reading Marie Claire while I wait day in and day out for her to do her work. Well, I give up. You talk to the bitch because apparently I am not high enough on the ladder to warrant her actually doing her fucking job.


First Year”

Which do you think I should send?

Ok…vent over!

(Don't forget to check out God Lady Below, Blogger hated me this past week :( )


Anonymous Save Sheila said...

I'm all for you sending out the second one, but I know you probably want to keep your job (at least until you find a better one). So send the first one (just as it is; don't change it to her name!).

5:24 AM  

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