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Recently a few things have gotten me scratching my head and a little puzzled. Maybe on you guys can enlighten me or show me where my thinking is faulty…

1. There is a group with chapters all over the world (mainly in the USA and Canada) for people who are child free. The group is open for membership to any person, of any age, ethnicity, religion, etc with the only rule being that the person has never had a child. That’s a hard and fast rule. They make an “exception” for people whose partners have had a child but not the person themselves (and the child does not live with them, etc). The person without the child can become a member and the person with the child can be brought as their guest, but cannot be a member and cannot come without the child-free partner.

This makes sense to me, its simple enough. The group is a social group for people who don’t currently have and have never had children. Aren’t their enough mommy and me groups, parenting groups, activities for parents? Apparently this group has managed to offend a group of women in Georgia, who feel that this group is “hostile” towards mothers and motherhood and should be disbanded because they discriminate on people based on their reproductive choices. Right….because child-free people are never discriminated against because they don’t have kids. But I just don’t get it….this is ONE group of singles and couples who don’t want kids (some love kids, some hate kids, some are apathetic) who just want to hang out with each other and not have to deal with bed-times, diaper tales, listening to kid updates, or whatever else. But they shouldn’t be able to do that because parents who HAVE children are prohibited from joining a CHILD-FREE group.

What the fuck is wrong with these women? Why would they want to join this group anyhow? They aren’t child free!!!! Well, they say they should have the right to join because (and I do quote), “Even devoted mommies and daddies deserve some adult time.” WTF? You want to have your adult time with a group of people who don’t want kids? Why????? No offense but I love adult time…but you wont find me at Lamaze class to hang out with the pregnant moms. So please, someone explain this to me….please???

2. Sometime last week I was at my fine local recreation center with a friend of mine, we are taking a class this fall together and we were just leaving the dance studio. While getting into her car (a Mercedes Benz…gotta love her well-off parents!) we were approached by two women in their mid twenties. Without going into great description about their identity and the nature of the neighborhood let me just say it was in an economically depressed area of a fairly non-economically depressed city and the two women were recipients of numerous city services (including housing, which was all around the rec-center). Well these fine young women walked up to us and had the following conversation

Women: Hey, did you alls just get out of _____ class?

Us: Yup.

Women: Well couldn’t you afford to take that class at the dance studio?

Us: Umm, I don’t know…maybe. We just saw it offered and took it.

Women: Well the class is closed out and we who can’t afford to take it at the regular price can’t take it at all.

Us: Ummm…. OK? I think registration was first come first serve….

Women: These classes are cheap so people who cant afford classes can go and take them here. You should take them at dance studio.

Us: Why?

Women: Because you have the money. What you’re doing is wrong, its like stealing from us!!!

Us: Umm yea…. :::get into car and drive away:::

Now I wish I had laughed in the girl’s faces. It’s like stealing you???? HAHAHAAHA who the hell do you think subsidizes these classes for you? Umm… people who actually pay taxes in this city you moron. I resent the insinuation that just because we could technically afford to take the classes elsewhere (I looked it up and its about 3 times the price) we are wrong for taking advantage of the classes the city offers (no income limits, you just have to be a city resident).

I have lived in this city for over 3 years and have paid income and personal property tax the entire time…. But these lovely girls who leech off of others should get to take the classes my taxes pay for anyhow.

Come on, out there is a champion for the poor who can explain that attitude to me…

Well that is all, I think that’s long enough :)

First Year-


Blogger she said: said...

Well, the first thing is people seem to feel entitled to do anything they want. Even if they only want to do it because they cant do it.

If you don't let them, you are being racist or repressing their civil rights. Even if it has nothing to do with color or rights.

You notice how being able to get on the internet and flying in a plane are now civil rights?

They are all over discrimination, unless of course they are the ones discriminating.

They don't understand economics and therefore think if you are doing much better than them it is because you stole, and didn't work your freaking ass off. Maybe it because those people steal... which could be a tie-in to frosty bitch.

Despite people living better than anytime in history, few people feel they are doing as well as their parents. The world is a little mental.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But people with children already have a place to go. It's called


For example, the seats next to me on a crowded flight, or perhaps the table next to me at a restaurant. I used to have bruises on my ankles from being hit by strollers in Noe Valley.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Evil HR Lady said...

As the mother of a small child, I have to ask why on earth these mothers want to join a child free group? Why would you want to be with a group of people that are opposed to your life choices?

It makes no sense to me. People should be able to form clubs and friendships with whoever they want.

8:58 AM  
Blogger LawNut said...

I hate people who are constantly looking for/taking hand-outs and think that they're ENTITLED to that. UGH. Get a job!

10:42 AM  
Blogger Tired of being broke said...

I will never understand why people with kids think the world revolves around them. Them and there damn big ass strollers, mini-van driving screaming kids.
Hellllooooooo the group is for childless people. Don't get me wrong, I like kids, but at 26 I have alot more to do than change diapers. What bothers me is when people, women especially ask me 'do you have kids'? I reply no, and they look at me all sad. WTF I am making the choice to be childfree, at least for now. Gimmeee a break.

4:40 PM  

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