Tuesday, November 21, 2006

People You Meet at Work: Trust Fund Brat

One of the most infuriating people I have met at work by far, this overgrown brat cannot be avoided, it cannot be understood, and it cannot be tolerated without cringing. The specific trust fund brat I speak of is a new employee. He graduated from a prestigious school in the area and was taking a low level job in an administrative position, so I was a little suspicious about him to begin with. My suspicions were right on the dot because it wasn’t long before he revealed himself for who he really is: An overindulged brat, without a brain cell in his head, happy to live off of his rich parents then to accomplish for himself.

Shortly after he started I found out that he hadn’t worked for a year before starting at my company. When I offered my sympathy that it had been that long (perhaps trying to commiserate, I hated being out of work and couldn’t wait to get back to earning an income) he just gave me a weird look and said, “oh it wasn’t a big deal I enjoyed having the time to just relax”. Well, I let it go, but thinking about it not too many folks in my age range can just take a year off from working and relax, mainly because we have rent to pay and groceries to buy, car payments to make, and other financial obligations many of which cannot be reduced below a bare minimum.

A few days later he casually mentioned that he was a little tired because he was hung over from being out late the night before. Hey I can sympathize, until he continued to say that his friend who had gone out with him didn’t have to work and he wishes he was still doing that. I questioned a little further and discovered his friend lived entirely off of a trust fund, something the new employee was doing for the past year….until his father told him to go to work for a little while at least.

Now, you’d think with all that money to go to college (a top school in fact, the most prestigious in my area…) without having to work, the private tutors, the successful parents that this guy would at least be half competent. But he ISN’T, not in the least bit. I do not want to demean his job, but it includes such complicated duties as: answering the phones, greeting guests and directing them, opening a department’s mail, and other mainly simple tasks. But this guy cannot seem to do it. So below, just because I dislike him so much are the things he’s done so far to show that he is a spoiled rotten moron who would never make it in the real world without Daddy’s money and power, which is undoubtedly the reason he was able to secure admission and graduation from his college.

1. Office Repairs- As I said one of his jobs is to greet visitors and direct them. So, when 2 men with a ladder and a light bulb came into the office and announced, “We’re here to replace the light bulk in the ____________ room” one would expect him to simply lead the repair people into that room and let them replace the light bulb. But not this genius, he buzzed me in my office and asked me to come up because, “some guys are here with a light”. If he couldn’t figure that out, I am not sure I trust him to keep breathing without forgetting and suffocating.

2. Mail- Another job, getting the mail for a few people. Dealing with mail is really a 3 part job, so perhaps I am over simplifying it. Part One: Get mail from mailroom 3x a day at predetermined times. Part Two: Sort mail and give it to people it belongs to. Part Three: Take mail that people have written and bring it TO the mail room so that it can be mailed. So, when I walked by his desk today at around noon I was not pleased to see a piece of mail I had addressed and placed in his “Outgoing Mail” bin for mailing, still sitting there. I asked if he had checked the mail yet that day (or on the previous Friday) he answered “Not yet.”, and I just couldn’t understand….given that his other duties encompassed about an hour a day of actual work, what the hell he was doing that he was so busy he has not yet gotten a chance to check the mail.

3. Simple Office Things- Ordering supplies goes over your head, you couldn’t call the people who provide the water cooler and tell them it was broken. Call a dishwasher repair man? Yea, not for you. There is such a long list of things you are “Unsure about” or “Have no idea about” that I really wonder what the hell you do know anything about. You simply have no uses. You routinely hang up on people because you don’t get the phone system. You take paper messages and then lose them because you don’t like to transfer calls to voice mail.

See, I suspect that the following is the only thing you are even remotely capable of doing with any sort of achievement:

- Sitting on your ass
- Shopping
- Chatting on the phone
- Looking at yourself in the mirror
- Whining about how hard your life is and how you just haaaave to get awwwwwaaaay.
- Arguing with Daddy about how much you get next month
- Booking trips to see your trust fund friends
- Drinking
- Wasting space
- Eye rolling

I could go on and on but I wont. But I do hope you go away soon because you are just a worthless human being. I just don’t get how you could have graduated grade school and still be as stupid as you are.

Apparently no amount of money and no size of trust fund will be able to purchase simple intelligence and aptitude for employment (or life in general).

First Year :)


Blogger honeykbee said...

I know a guy like that. SO incredibly frustrating.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I despise people like that. They are a waste of human flesh. Why hasn't he been canned yet?

10:41 AM  
Blogger she said: said...

You forgot rubbing one off. It doesn't actually take much talent for that. He could probably get that done in less than a minute and still have all day for the other items on your list.

Geeze.. growng up it pissed me off if my friends still got to live at home - and they still had to work jobs. Their parents were just getting by, but they would let my friends live rent free. Man I thought that was spoiled.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to law school with a lot of trust funders. Some of them were only there to keep their parents happy I think. I coudn't stand that they had BMW's while in school and didn't have to take out loans.

It's that kind of sh*t that will make me take to the streets when the revolution comes.

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what!! Maybe its not his fault!! Perhaps its his parents for giving him so much!! ITS THE WAY HE WAS RAISED!! Instead of love and valuable life lessons, his parents gave him money. I bet deep down inside this Trust Fund baby lacks a lot of self confidence and uses his money and material amour to protect his low self worth... GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE>>>

3:26 PM  

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