Thursday, December 28, 2006

Naughty and Nice List

Well the holidays are finally wearing down, and in fact I am sick of them a few days before New Years. But I wanted to take the time to commend the nice people who have made my holiday season better and rant about the naughty people who irritated me in my holiday adventures.

(I would like to put a little note here and say that I hope some of this behavior was from these folks being just plain sick of the holidays themselves and the crappy customers they tend to dredge out).

1. Waitress at a Carlyle Group restaurant.

Me: Excuse me, this steak is not the cut I ordered (I ordered a filet, this steak had a bone which made me think it was a t-bone) and it isn’t cooked medium rare (I had cut it and it was well done).

Waitress: Can’t you just eat it?

Me: What?? No, this isn’t what I ordered, this isn’t a cut I like and its cooked in an inedible way.

Waitress: (grabbing the plate) Well fine!

Mr. FY: Could you please keep my plate warm back there so we can eat together?

Waitress: Are you serious? Ugh, fine, just give it to me!

Now, I can understand her frustration I have been a waitress myself. And really if the steak was the cut I ordered and cooked a little past medium rare I would have eaten it and not really bitched. However, I wonder if her initial response was the best way of dealing with it, if I had planned to eat it anyhow I wouldn’t have said anything to her! In any case, I hope she’s gotten over her case of the holiday grumpies.

2. Sales Associate at non-so cheap department store:

We were purchasing a few special glass ornaments for our tree and we were paying for them. This woman was just plain violent, she slammed the ornaments into the bag and broke one. While the Mr. was paying I was checking to see if the ornaments had survived and when I confronted her with the broken piece.

Her: Well you bought it and if you break it you cannot return it.

Me: Actually you broke the ornament when you put it into the bag.

Her: Well you’ve paid for it now.

Me: Manager please!

3. Oblivious mom with giant SUV stroller (and sadly it wasn’t just one and it isn’t just moms!).

Me: Walking on the right side of the corridor.

Mom: Walking against traffic with SUV stroller.

Me: Trying to dodge her

Mom: Slamming into my shins with stroller and shooting me a filthy look as if I had just killed her kid’s puppy.

Moms and Dads, please be aware that you are walking with a large item in front of you. Even if you didn’t personally kick me, its no less annoying to have your stroller pushed right into me. You have just as much right to be in the mall as me, but you have to be more careful because you’re pushing something ahead of you. I am sure you don’t always want that enormous thing with you either, but alas you chose to take it in. so watch where you’re going, walk with traffic not against it, and for heavens sake apologize or say excuse me if you assault someone with your child. Which makes me wonder, there IS a baby in there right? If so, aren’t you the least bit concerned with hitting people basically WITH your child or just people jostling the little bundle of joy? I would be worried about that.


1. CVS Clerk

There was a long line for the register and of course there was only 1 person checking people out. The women currently at the register (Lets call her Oblivious Women or “OW”) decided that this was the best time for her to voice various opinions about the stock and all types of over things the clerk had no control over. Well after about 5 minutes the clerk had had enough.

Clerk: Ma’am I am sorry but I’ll have to take the next customer unless you’re purchasing something.

OW: Its MY turn and I am not done!!!!!!

Clerk: I can give you a customer service number so you can voice your concerns to people who might be able to offer you a resolution to your problems, but I need to check out the people behind you trying to purchase merchandise.

OW: Are you DEAF? I am not done here and its my turn and you have to help me until I am finished.

Clerk: Actually, this line is for people trying to check out. Since you are not buying anything you are actually done here.

OW: continues to rant and rave

Clerk: Moves down to another register, sets it up and says, “Next customer please”

The other patrons in line: Clap and cheer.

Thank you store clerk. You are probably a high school student but the class and tact you displayed are well beyond your years and well beyond what most people acquire in their entire lives.

2. A small child (6-8 years old)

Eating at a restaurant a random child decided to become a terror (Satan) and another small child was getting more annoyed then any adult (Angel)

Satan: Runs up to Angel’s table and starts instigating Angel

Angel: Get away from me! Sit down with YOUR mommy, you’re not supposed to run around in here!!!

I am sure his mom was thrilled. Satan’s mom on the other hand was involved in a cell phone call and missed the entire episode.

3. My Fed Ex guy

I just wanted to thank you! I did a lot of our shopping online and most of our family members know to use only FedEx because UPS is the high of incompetence. So through the whole month of December you trekked about 3-7 packages a week for me, some heavy, and some cumbersome. I appreciate it, and I hope you have a good chiropractor!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's good to hear (the "Nice" stories, I mean). It's good to know that people can still be kind and have goodwill towards others.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"can't you just eat it?" Ha ha ha. Classic.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I'm in love with your CVS clerk.

You should send this information and how much everyone else appreciated it to his manager. Because guarenteed that lady called up and complained.

3:22 PM  
Blogger dicta said...

good about fedex. waaaay better than dhl!

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The baby stroller thing annoys me, too! Even worse than that, though, are the people who cross the street and leave the stroller off the curb (in the street) when it's not safe... ugh. You'd think people would take better care of an object that holds their child in it.

p.s. - Happy new year!

3:05 PM  

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