Monday, July 10, 2006

People You Meet At Work: Part 2

The Silent Manager/Boss

This is an interesting creature because while they want/need constant updates and want things done exactly to their specifications they will not actually tell you any of these things in any verbal way.

Silent Boss accosts me this morning: I never said to write “xxxx” on these invoices!!!”

First Year: “ Ok, I’m sorry. What is it you would like me to write in the space where it asks for the “xxx”.

SB: “ Well…. Write then “xxxx” but not with the “xxx” abbreviated this way, abbreviate it without the period (.)”.

First Year: “Ok, so the problem is where I have it abbreviated with a number sign (#) you would like it with both the period and the number sign?”

Sb: “I am going to go to lunch, can you fix all those please?”

Sure…. Because I am a mind reader. Why didn’t you just point out your dysfunctional system to me to begin with?

Or even more irritating, the SB who consistently neglects to tell you they are leaving for the day when they were supposed to meet with you, sign something, or otherwise do their job.

Rewind to last Thursday, I have been trying to get this wretched women’s attention the whole damn day. I need checks to pay the bills, I cannot sign checks over a certain dollar amount, those require 2 signatures. So first thing in the morning I ask her to take 2 minutes to sign them. She keeps leading me on that she will do them later, but later never happens. Sometime around 1:30 I decide I have had enough and once again march into her office. Suspiciously her handbag is not there and her computer appears to be off.

She can’t have gone home! It’s the middle of the day, surely she would have SAID SOMETHING. But no…. the silent boss is an enigma, a mystery you will never figure out. Maybe she’ll be at work, maybe not. Maybe you need to print those on the light purple paper, but she might want it on the pale green. Either way…don’t bother to ask hee, she won’t tell you!!!!! One would think all this mystery would add some excitement to the day…..

First Year-


Blogger Rachel said...

I can sympathize. My boss isn't QUITE that bad... but she'll say stuff like "Send the client a letter exlaining how he can go about doing ___, then type up all of the appropriate forms and send them out." Um, ok.. how do you go about doing that? Or where could I find that out? Or what forms does he need...?? excuse me?? could you repeat that??

8:06 PM  
Blogger I-66 said...

You're alive!

7:13 AM  

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