Tuesday, May 30, 2006

People You Meet at Work #1: Mailroom Guy

Well…. Since entering the corporation law world I have met some interesting characters. Today, my focus is on the mailroom guy. Here at “random company” we have 2 main mail room guys. Lets call one Great Mail clerk (GMC) and one Creepy Weirdo (CW). So I love GMC, he always has what I need, always gives me the mail where I want it, and has an inexhaustible supply of mailing shit. CW on the other hand is a total freak. I made the mistake of being nice to him when I first started and now he won’t leave me alone!

Sure GMC is friendly and says hi when he passes by…. But CW has taken this to an extreme, I MUST look up and smile at him when he skulks by or else he will stand in my doorway like a nutcase and stare at me (not saying anything, just waiting for me to notice his presence). On the off-chance that I have my door shut he will stand there and stare into the panes of glass waiting for me to acknowledge him.

Fair enough, he likes attention… but so what? Well… I am not used to the mail situation. I am usually the one who does the mailings, so just randomly leaving my mail and fed ex crap in an out folder near my desk and assuming they will come to get it freaks me out a bit. Sometimes I admit it, I go to the mailroom and hand them something, usually when its something very important. GMC never cares, he always smiles, takes it and makes some small talk. CW on the other hand acts as if I have entered his forbidden lair. He turns off his computer screen, bolts to his feet, and grabs whatever I am holding.

Well, me and CW had a showdown last week, where I gave him 16 DHL packages and he failed to actually mail 2 of them, and wouldn’t have unless GMC noticed them sitting around, the next day. Now… I had marked these for extremely urgent overnight, to be delivered by 10:30 in the AM. If these people don’t get their stock certificates who do they blame? No…. not mailroom misfit… ME. So, I was upset, and I no longer trust him with my important mail. He of course has taken this as a personal affront, ignoring all social boundaries to get on my good side. This just makes me hate him more. Plus… I finally got a glimpse of his computer screen and he’s looking at porn in the mail room. I would feel a lot better knowing my important mail did not have semen on it.

Sigh…. The corporate world is an interesting and varied place.


Blogger LawNut said...

LOL LOL LOL - I nearly fell out of my chair reading this - there were also GMC and CW equivalents at Cubicle Hell - WTF??!!!

I pondered for a long time WHY my CW equivalent was so obsessed with his crappy mailroom job...to this day I can't figure it out, but apparently it's a mailroom trend.

I love the "people you meet at work" post - keep them coming!!! :-)

8:59 AM  

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