Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just Saying Hello

So... I have been MIA for a bit and I guess I really don't want to just let this blog thing go....so I need to start posting again...so here I am.

I don't really know what has me so down lately. At first I thought it was all the build-up for finals and with all the other crap for school and then after days and days of mindless work. But I don' t think thats the case.

So... this is my 4th week on the new job and while I love the work and the office and the position something just irks me about the person over me. I don't know whether its the lack of any sort of compassion, empathy or simple social skills needed to deal with an employee or well I don't know or what. She is just the least friendly, meanest, most unpleasant women I think I have worked for. Usually this doesn't bother me because I can avoid and plan.... but once in awhile she will do something that just makes this urge to quit well up inside of me. Only I can't quit because of the obvious reasons (rent, food, insurance, beer, etc) so I continue on.

Now that I type that it is her putting me in this rotten off depressed mood. It just seems like theres never anything to look forward to.

Also... the commute into Tysons is interesting. I have always known us VA drivers are not low on agression, (or in some cases stupidity) but.... and this message is specifically to those commuting FROM tysons to Alexandria/95S...

you do this every fucking day. Really.... these 2 lanes turn into just one 1. They do this every time, it didn't just happen and its always in the same spot. If there is a space I am making for you in front of me.... take it and enjoy, do not instead come to a dead stop speeding up only when I finally give up and decide to go in front of you. And you...giant mercedes SUV. I am already clearly in front of you in the portion of the road where it is already 1 lane. Why are you driving in the breakdown lane/grass to pass me? Its too late.

Just merge.....really MERGE!!!!! I really think that folks acting like morons should just be shot.... if you're too dumb to figure out your daily commute you really should not be living independently and driving a vehicle!

Well... I guess I should return to work!


Blogger Nut's mom said...

I feel your pain when I commute every friggin' day to SF. MERGE YOU MOTHER ^%&%$$*$$%^^&$&!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the humanity of it all. At least I am done... for now. I hear a phd calling me in the future but I think I need to concentrate on my life and son and relationhip with his dad now.

BTW I love how beer is the fourth thing on your importance list. I love fat tire. i recommend it. I also reccomend Kendall-Jackson wine and n no way because I am realtaed to the owners!! LOL I have had a few glasses tongiht! :P

10:42 PM  
Blogger LawNut said...

LOL - I am such a road rager, so I love this post! I'm glad you're back, but sorry you've been down in the dumps...think of this blog as a great way to vent about Evil Boss Lady!

11:24 AM  
Blogger Mollypalooza said...

LOL!! I used to commute around the same area - (about 9 years ago) - and I remember thinking the exact same thing about the merging! Now it's when I'm heading back to Ohio from mu visits to DC, it's the split from 495 to the 270 spur...argh.

6:16 PM  

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