Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Business Professional Blues

Well... First Year is starting a new job. Which means the ending of my work from home crappy ass job and the start of working with the general counsel for a corporation. I am so excited about the job, it pays much better, its law related.... and its NOT in DC!!!! thats right... yet again I have managed to avert the suductive lure of the city.

It is however in Tyson's Corner.... which is not exactly rural, but hey... there will be a place for me to park my car so I am pleased. The only thing that sucks (and someone will make fun of me for saying this sucks, since I am in law school and all) but while the rest of the huge company must dress in office casual the legal department is stuck in 3-piece suits all day everyday. Which means I will be going to class in a suit every night ;(

However, I do look pretty hot in formal wear so..... I guess I can't whine too much, plus it will give me the perfect reason to go shopping, and I will be vey convenient to the mall ;)

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start. Good luck studying for finals ;)



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