Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Fun :)

So, I have a hard time throwing out of some things that I can no longer use but that are still in perfect order. Of course, I decide to use Freecyle to gift some of these items to people that might be able to use them. Yesterday I posted a year old fully functional bagless vacuum cleaner and a new in box toaster oven. I understand that new and perfectly working things are top on the list of Freecyclers, but I could do without the sob stories. Please to enjoy below actual emails from people who will not be getting my stuff:

RE: Vacuum Cleaner:

1. The simple plea: “PLEASE!! MAY I have this, PLEASE?????”

Well, caps lock does make me want to give things to other people….

2. “Hello. My fiance and I have put a vacuum cleaner on our wedding registry, but we're not sure that we'll get it. So, we'd love to have the one you're offering.”

Why not wait to see if someone gives you the vacuum before taking a free one? Someone else probably has NO chance of it being given to them as a gift. How bratty are you people????

3. “I would love to have this vaccuum. I need it for our church buildingthat we are getting tomorrow. So that would be awesome!”

Oh yea… you’re getting it for the “church” building you’re getting tomorrow? It would be “awesome”? No, I don’t think so…..

4. “Let me explain, we have a 19 year old neighbor girl who really, really needs this vacuum. She is a really sweet girl who is working very hard to better herself and her life ~ she's had a very rough life (through no fault of her own) and yet, she's still very positive!! She's a good girl who deserves a break. She is currently living with her elderly grandfather, who is recovering from quintuple bypass surgery, and taking care of him and his house by herself.”

Seriously, just say you want the vacuum, its cool we all need a vacuum to clean our homes. This is very far fetched sounding!

5. “I will pick the vacuum up tonight after 10 pm when I get off of work, do not give it to someone else, as I have already told you I am coming. Call my cell ###-###-#### to give me your address”

Umm…no. The person who I pick to give the damn thing to will come at MY convenience, which isn’t late in the evening. You telling me you are coming isn’t the same as me saying, “I want you to have the vacuum please come and get it between such and such a time at this address”.
6. “Must be nice to get a new vacuum [we bought a new one recently, the reason this one is leaving my home] too bad not everyone has your money and has to get your leftover scraps! [ the thing is a year old, we just got the bigger model, it works wonderfully!] Maybe you need to learn something about helping others, not just keeping the nice stuff for yourself and giving away your leftovers. I would prefer the new vacuum but of course I can’t afford it. You seem to be able to afford a new one and can give away new small appliances, think about your giving and I believe you’ll see the right thing for you to do.”

The right thing to do is to give you the NEW vacuum I purchased and keep the old one for myself? Listen lady, I could sell the old vacuum on Craig’s List for about $50-$75 (going price I looked), but I decided to give it away for free to pass on some Karma. I don’t even know what to say about this!

And now, for the Toaster Oven:

1. “I need it to cook food, I don’t have a stove or oven and my kids are sick of cold food.”

Why don’t you have a stove/oven? Seriously…..

2. “I need a good toaster oven, but alas, keep using my spending money on my 10 month old.”

Really? All of it? I just found this funny, she went on to say she hasn’t been able to buy anything for the kitchen because, “My baby loves new clothes and I can’t help myself, lol”. Well I suggest you help yourself, your 10 month old is a BABY, she doesn’t know the difference between walmart and saks 5th avenue. Buy yourself things you need not stuff your daughter “wants”

3. “ I got a toaster over from here a month ago, but your seems nicer. I’d love to chuck the older one and replace it with your new one.”

Umm… this is freecyle, you already got 1! And now that there is a better one you’re going to throw the one someone gave you for free (was also new in box!) away and not list it on the site? What don’t you get about freecyle? Or are you only able to TAKE and not GIVE.

Seriously though, posting things on Freecycle made me hate humanity just a little bit. There were many people who wrote something normal like:

“Hi there, We could really use the “item”, if it is not taken we can pick it up at your convenience. Thank you for your generosity either way” (That person is the recipient of the vacuum and a similar one won the toaster oven)

What NOT to do to get free crap:

Respond to every ad! You want the vacuum, toaster over, women’s clothes, men’s shoes, cat bed, AND plants? And you have a different story as to why you desperately need each one? Right…
Don’t tell me when you’re coming to get it in your first email to me. I will tell you when I am available to have it for pick up.
Don’t call me self-ish for not giving away my new items.
Don’t tell me to call you between whatever times on your cell phone, times most people are asleep is especially not going to happen.
Don’t tell me you need it but need me to bring it to you. No, I wont do that. You come here to get it, you live 30 miles away, why would I spend my own gas to drive a vacuum down to you? Use your local freecycle please.

Ok, rant over :)

Side Note: Thanks to everyone who weighed in on my last post. I knew the right thing to do all along, I was just wavering a little bit. I believe I will have a talk with my friend and let her know that when I am questioned I will have to tell the truth to the best of ability, and that I wish she had not made the undesirable facts known to me but she has. If she wants me to be called for an interview I will not be able to lie or omit information that I have certain knowledge of. Then if I have the interview I will have to tell the truth. What a crappy situation though, I wish she had kept me in the dark about many of the things she is doing but she hasn’t. She’s known I am a law student, and that am unlikely to take lying to the Federal government lightly, but I guess that’s the way it goes. So thank you :)

First Year-


Blogger LawNut said...

I never heard of this Freecycle time I would post the stuff on Ebay, no psycho messages!

9:32 AM  
Blogger Law-Rah said...

I cannot believe these people exist!

6:50 AM  

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