Monday, February 05, 2007

Payton Manning.....

I hate you... I am sorry you won, I really wanted your entire NFL career to go by without a single Super Bowl victory. I hope you never win another game, or better yet get injured in the off season doing something totally lame and non-football related.

On the other hand, Vinetari did manage another Super Bowl win, good for him. He's probably the only reason Indy didn't manage to loose during this years playoff like they usually do.

So, to reitterate...fuck you Indy, Payton Manning sucks...... but I am not bitter :)


Blogger the default attorney said...

As someone who had zero interest in the outcome of that game yesterday, I offer my condolences.

I thought Payton was kinda funny on his ads, but when he plays he kind of acts like a spoiled brat.

Go (UC Berkeley's Golden) Bears!

3:09 PM  
Blogger dicta said...

i'm also a patriots fan, and i'm a little more upset with vinateiri actually. he might be the greatest kicker of all time, but he's still a kicker. the pats paid him millions, and that just wasnt enough? he had to leave for slightly more? what a selfish bastard.

i know peyton and the colts are really the main rivals for the pats these days, but i at least think peyton is an ok guy and a good ambassador for the game. he works hard, and it shows. he's the second best player in the nfl behind brady. i dont have any specific problem with him other than the fact that the colts beat the pats this year, and that was certainly not enough to make me cheer for some horrible pathetic team like the bears. and yes, i think peyton's commercials are funny too.

9:22 AM  

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