Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Missed Connection: Good Drivers on the Capitol Beltway

Ahhh the beltway..... who doesn't love a poorly paved curved road where driving 70 in the slow lane could get you killed???? Who????

Memo to various beltway misfits:

First: While I know I am in a sports car and you might not be able to see me I try to alleviate this by not driving in your blind spot. Since you can see me, can you tell me why you think your car can occupy the same space as mine? There was enough room for you to get in front of me....was the excitment of slowing down to get into my lane in the same exact space as me too much to handle? I can understand, I work in accounting the most fun that happens in my day a silly inter-office joke or an invoice with a funny amount ($6.66....hahahahaha)

Second: Just because my window is down doesn't mean its an open inivation for a traffic solicitation for chat, money, a cigerette or anything else. Basically, Don't yell to me in my car from your car. I understand you want to "holla" at me, but I am not sure traffic is the best mood to catch me in. Nothing about being stuck in a 40 minute traffic jam to get 5 miles makes me want anything (though I am sure the "something" you "got for ya" is lovely) other then a beer and my couch.

Lastly: Silver Jetta guy.... I see you every morning, it is painfully obvious you're not talking to anyone on the phone. Whipping it out and shouting into it while staring at me and other women commuter slaves doesn't make you look cool. It looks dumb. Please stop it just irritates me. Maybe I should bust my cell out and yell, "sorry can't hear you, this loser pretending to talk on the phone in his car to make himself look better is talking to loud to his imaginery friend". But I wont because I am too lazy and though I do talk to myself, I don't do it into my phone. I usually use my computer screen



Blogger I-66 said...

Reasons enough to be glad I don't have to use the Beltway anymore for the daily commute.

6:03 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

Don't know why in this day and age people STILL think that talking on cell phones is "cool."

Whenver I see paris hilton t.v. she is glued to her handset. Why? As rich as she is, and as "pretty" as she is, it never occurred to her that we might think she's a... dork?

This is a good read.

11:28 AM  

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