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Fat Kids = Child Abuse?

I don’t if any of you have watched any amount of daytime TV (and anyone who has done a stint with unemployment probably has) has seen those talk shows where mothers come out with their grossly obese blobs of children. Some of them are quite shocking.


A four year old who weighs 160 pounds???? That’s insane, that’s more then I weigh, that’s almost as much as Mr. First Year weighs!

At 12 another child weighs 262….I remember being 12 and I was barely above 100, he’s like 2.5 normal 12 year olds, that’s not big boned, cute, soft, cuddly or anything else. That’s just plain FAT.

And my personal favorite:

“Amanda's StoryTwenty-year-old Amanda was eight months pregnant when she first appeared on Dr. Phil. Her 3-year-old son, Jared, had beenplaced in foster care because she had allowed him to become obese. He weighed 120 pounds when he was taken away and lost 70 pounds in foster care. Amanda desperately wanted her son back and feared her unborn child might be taken from her as well."Since I went on the Dr. Phil show, we had a court date," explains Amanda. "My parental rights [with Jared] were terminated. I had my last visit with him. It was for an hour, and that's the last time I can see him until he turns 18.""I gave birth to my daughter on February 4. A case worker came into the hospital ... He showed me the paper. The judge had signed it to be able to take the baby away from me. The foster mom came in and took her. Any babies I have in the future will be taken."

Good for child protective services I say, letting or making your kid get so fat is in fact your fault and its cruel to a child. Why would a mother want to subject her own children to the health problems and social concerns that come from being obese. Does she want them to end up like those 1000 pound people who cannot leave their house and need to be weighed on scales made for whales and other large sea animals?

As much as you all might hate clicking on a link to the Dr. Phil show its worth a look, just to see the pictures of these obese kids. These kids are not slightly tubby, this is no baby fat, there is no way in hell these kids got to that size eating even marginally well. And when you’re 3 and 4 years old you only have one place where food comes from, from your parents. When you listen to these shows and hear what these parents are feeding their children I just want to smack them. Your four year old shouldn’t be eating a bucket of fried chicken and a whole large pizza for dinner. That is so obviously unhealthy and too much then even the least educated in society should be aware that it’s a bad thing to do.

That’s why I don’t buy the ignorance argument. Look at your kid! He/She is HUGE, look at all the other kids, they might be a bit tubby or sort of soft but they can run rather then waddle. Where in the world would these people get in their heads that their children should be eating fast food for 2 meals a day 7 days a week, not only is that extremely unhealthy, its also very expensive. You cannot claim that you “didn’t know” how bad it was, that four year old couldn’t even run around his own backyard, what kind of moron wouldn’t see a problem.

And as an answer to the question, “Well what can I do, that’s what he likes to eat.”…..you can…..wait for it…..be a parent! That’s right, instead of going to hit up the pizza hut and taco bell to buy him 12 tacos and a pizza plus chicken wings for dinner go buy a bag of that pre-washed lettuce, grill up a chicken breast and cut it up, then dumb the lettuce plus chicken breast into a bowl and put it in front of tubby. Since you were incompetent in your initial attempt to parent him/her the kid will probably refuse the healthy food. That’s OK, he’s fat he can skip a meal. Eventually hunger will win out. If you feed your kid mass quantities of junk that’s all they will eat. If you give them many types of food, most of which is healthy then they will grow up all the better for it.

And all the above is why I agree with taking children away from parents who refuse to do anything about their obesity and generally are the cause of it because I do feel as it’s a form of abuse (see this story from England if you feel like it http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/health/article1434607.ece )

Feeding your child to obesity is basically inflicting an entire life of social problems and health concerns. Childhood diabetes is on the rise, kids are even having heart problems these days. Only awful parents would think its OK and even cute for their kids to be this fat.

What say the rest of you?

First Year J


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would agree that it is child abuse but in my 19 years of doing foster care I have never heard of a child being removed for overeating. And I can't imagine parental rights being terminated for it. It makes me wonder what else was going on in that persons home.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Parental rights terminated upon birth? I don't think that is legal here. yes, it's your favorite social worker here weighing her two cents. that being said, america's youth are fat and it's disgusting. blame it on food, blame it on parents, blame it on the video game industry and violent neighborhoods... what ever. Wee one will never be like that.

and I can't believe he's one either!!!!

10:12 AM  
Blogger she said: said...

"blame it on the video game industry "

Interestingly or not - Mr. Snarkolepsy works in the video game industry, and I've never seen any of the people he works with or their kids be more than slightly chubby. And I think it would be stretching it call them that.

I say it is the Dog Whisperer syndrome. Thank you South Park!

I couldn't believe they could run that show 5 times a day and not have one re-run.

Person after person with absolutely no clue on even how to care for a dog for Christ sake.

People these days are so paralyzed by the obvious and not wanting to hurt anythings feelings they can't even direct themselves out of a paper bag. Let alone direct the future of what goes into a child's mouth.

While it sounds quite mean - it is a self correcting problem. Sadly the child has to suffer - and that is not right, but chances are those children will never breed.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Evil HR Lady said...

My 3 year old weighs 33 pounds. I cannot imagine what she would look like at 120.

I do think something else had to be going on besides the over-feeding. Otherwise, they would have let her keep the baby with strict instructions to monitor the feedings.

Of course, my other question is why is 20 year old Amanda on her second child?


4:17 AM  
Anonymous linda said...

Interesting read! I think the best way to start promoting healthy eating in children is removing sweets and sodas from schools! Five to ten (depending on if the children are eating both breakfast and lunch) are eaten at school every week. Children will hopefully pick up healthier eating habits this way for the rest of their lives, also! You can find some additional interesting reading over at the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau page on childhood obesity.

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's horrific that Amanda caused her child to become so morbidly obese. However, I also think it's shocking that despite the fact that the judge/court put her on a program to learn appropriate child-care and parenting skills, her parental rights to her son were terminated and she is not allowed to see him until he's 18, her newborn has been placed in foster care and they intend to remove any future children from her without ever bothering to determine whether she's learnt anything from the program they sent her on, or is able to change her past mistakes.

Why do that to her and give her hope if the intention was never to allow her to keep any of her children. Why waste money on a program for her if they'd rather throw money at giving the children to foster parents?

Who in the world hasn't made a mistake or error in judgment at some time in their life? Rapists, murderers, paedophiles etc. get off with much lighter sentences than this! And for those of us with kids, there is no such thing as a perfect parent...we're all human, we all make mistakes, perfection is not part of the deal. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to rectify a bad choice we made and try to do right by our kids when we've done less than our best.

I think this woman has been treated severely unfairly!

2:04 AM  

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