Monday, April 02, 2007

And Why Would You Clean Your Kids Puke?

Lest you think that the mombie/helicopter parent is unique to the United States, please rest assured that this is not the case.

Really.....horrified that you should have to clean your kids puke? What do you do at home, just leave the puke there? I can understand expecting that the waitstaff in the cafe to clean up after the patrons, as in take the dishes off of the table, wipe the table, throw the trash on the table away, and the like but I don't think waitstaff really should be cleaning up your kids puke.

I cannot imagine any parent I know who would be offended at being asked to clean up after their child's biological waste. Most normal people would immediately jump up, apoligize and ask for napkins and stuff to wipe the mess up with. Not this entitlement queen.

I know when I was a waitress you could not make me clean up vomit, especially not when the person responsible for the little puke machine is right there, not sick themselves and certainly experienced in cleaning up kiddie puke.


Blogger Silly Little Law Student said...

This happens way more often than you'd think.

I worked at a movie theatre in high school and was standing about 5 feet from a mother and small child when the child decided he hadn't tasted enough of his red iccee the first time around and proceeded to puke it up on the floor. The mom came over to me at the Guest Services Desk and asked "my kid just puked up iccee on the floor there, could you clean that up??"

Just because I was paid to work there doesn't mean I should have had to deal with a small child's bio-waste.

If only I could have gotten away with shoving the carpet cleaning materials in her hands.....

6:51 PM  
Blogger the default attorney said...

Cafe au play? Where the kids run around and play while the parents sit around and get pissed? I think a vomiting toddler is the least of this establishment's worries.

No, that is really gross and disrespectful though I couldn't imagine trying to make someone else clean up after your kid.

11:30 PM  
Blogger she said: said...

Honestly - there is so little embarrassment in society today. Pretty soon people will just be throwing crap at each other like at the zoo. We are de-evolving into our monkey cousins.

5:22 PM  
Blogger Evil HR Lady said...

Somehow I bet when this woman got married she ran around saying, "But it's my daaaaaaaay!!!!!! I'm the briiidddeee!!!"

Just seems like the type!

5:22 PM  
Blogger BabyBarista said...

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Very best wishes,


7:05 AM  

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