Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fox News.... I Hate You!

I study with the TV on in the background, and I usually leave it on Fox so that I can see all the trashy courtroom shows (or at least listen to them). Anyhow, the consequence of this is that I catch Fox news about 3 times, for a total of 3-4 hours (depending on when I drag myself out of bed). I really do have a few suggestions to make to the local Fox news anchors and whoever is responsible for them.

1. American Idol is NOT News!!!

I know a lot of people watch this show, and while I personall chose not to....whatever floats your boat. But, what on earth makes you think that people who are watching the morning/noon (well maybe noon)/evening/late night news are interested in a 15 minute update on American Idol once, and sometimes even twice in a broadcast. The people who want to watch it watch it, do they need a recap the next morning/noon/evening/night? Also, while I think your little "Idol at the Metro" thing is an interesting idea, it is not in fact news. Its not entertaining, it just makes me wonder if there is reaaaaally nothing else going on in the world.

2. "Breaking News" Should Not be Old!!!

Listen, I think you might not really be grasping the concept of "breaking news". News that can be considered "breaking" is new, fresh, happening right this instant, well you get the idea. To use a recent example of lack of understanding of what actually constitutes breaking news....the baby panda. I know we ALL love the panda, he is super cute. Well.... breaking news.... The panda stays here for two more years!!! Yay!!!! I thought it was pretty cool too, I like the zoo. But the only time this news qualified as breaking was at most the day of, and maybe a morning recap. After 3 full days of you showing file images/videos of the panda from when the news was in fact breaking and excitedly telling us the NEWS that the baby panda stays for two more years. Stop using this story as a teaser, we all knew. So please, ever day or two change your "breaking stories" so that the news is actually new.

3. Read the News Please

This is a quickie.....Can you not waste 50% of the news cast making worthless banter with each other? If you're going to insist on switching your newscast into some sort of news/entertainment pony show please make that clear.

In the meantime I need to find another challenge with good daytime TV. To study to of course :)


Blogger she said: said...

OMG - that drives me insane. Don't think you are getting any ~news~ from Foxnews. Not like any of the other channels are any better. I've blogged about it a few times.

Swear to god - I sometimes get more "news" watching.. wait for it. The WEATHER CHANNEL. For instance I didn't know there was a volcano eruption. Or an oil rig explosion last week.

None of my local news channels have covered - not once - the tornados in Texas/Mexico.

You know who did? The f-ing weather channel. How lame is that? And it sounds old person-ish, but I have a weather thing going on right now.

It especially drives me nuts at night - when something major happens - and the top 3 will not interrupt their pre-recorded personality shows.

A meteor could hit earth, and if it happened at like 8:00, you wouldn't be able to get any current news about it.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Phoenix said...

fox news... owned by the bush family. need I say more?

9:48 PM  

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